Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Amazing Time...

The last few days have been just amazing for me. I cannot believe how the internet can and does bring people together who have not seen each other for many years. There is so much publicity about negative things to do with the internet....well this is not one of them.

(Note, swearing here) That bloody Facebook! My friend coerced me to join it so I could converse with long lost friends from Air Training Corps (AKA "Space Cadets") from the 1980's. What I did not expect was to hear from someone else who had not been part of my life for a very long time.

That person knows who they are, and to them I want to say.. I am lost for words, did I just type that? I am never lost for words!

Life just got that much more exciting. I think there is that much more to celebrate, and lots of amazing times ahead :)


Bwca Brownie said...

well that is intriguing.
you can't leave us hanging here!

My good web-experiences outweigh the bad.
3 bad in 5 years is OK.
One was very bad and my own fault for indiscretion.
One is the aggravation that is RH.
and the 3rd was when an infamous stalker discovered me, but he seems to have wafted away thank god.
I love my FB-enabled catch-up with people from past lives, and I must say, since I have a separate email for all FB stuff - that it gets NO Spam. not one; so FB is not some evil gatherer of emails.

karisma said...

haha! Facebook for me has been limited. I joined a long time ago and did not use my real name as I did not know what it was. Then out of the blue everyone I know starts joining and wallah I am using it again. I think its fine to chat to family and friends but I hate all the other crap on there that people send you. It gets annoying after a while.

G-Man said...


The world is growing smaller and smaller...

Have a Great Week-End....G

daktara said...

what a wounderful blog
that I liked so much

Stace said...

The internet is like most other things: You get out what you put in. I use Facebook quite a lot as a way of keeping in touch - just little things like commenting on somebody's status or picture can show that I still think of them and am interested in their lives. But, like anything, it can be taken too far. All those applications and games and rubbish... You can ignore it or you can revel in it. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi guys, will let you all know when it is safe to kiss and tell. You know how I said the internet is awesome for someone having found me? Well, it is also a negative too..when people stick thei noses into what is none of their business.
All I will leave you with is this... you sure can choose your friends..but not your relatives! Also, if they are reading my blog here.. a message for you... you just proved to me exactly what I suspected, and now I just feel sad, not mad. Being mad gets ya no where.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

I know somebody who just shut down their blog when it was discovered by family.
Of course they didn't like it.
Their reaction to the thing they read, just proved that the thing they read was correct.

Anonymity is crucial to Freedom Of The Blog.
Cazz - abandon blog, start new one with pseudonym, come visit us all, and we will all figure out the new commentor is you, and business will resume as usual, without your unhappy pals.
Don't let the bastards grind you down.