Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine Flu is upsetting alot of people in the NEWS. Which, is usual for anything that comes to light like this. For me, as a nurse, I like to know what s going on. I do as much research into viruses as I can and try to make an informed decision as to what the Hell is going on. Of course I know the NEWS and authorities release the information the want us to hear, and I would hope with fingers crossed we are well informed. The death rate to this current virus World Wide is note able. The influenza virus with its secondary ailments does kill so many people every year. More people than have been "reportedly" affected by this swine flu since I last heard the NEWS before I went to bed. But, there is always a but, this virus is a bit of a worry..and well, we are told to hold tight by the WHO (World Health Organisation) to see if it is to be classed as a pandemic. **Shoot! My hyperlink won't work..I will endeavour to provide resource later on!**

OK, I hold tight, mean time..notice to all the pigs out there (no pun intended!)


Didn't you listen to your Grandma when she told you to do those simple things? While you are at it... when you do cough or sneeze, try using your elbow to cover your mouth if you are not near a tap to wash your hands..or carry some hand sanitiser. It is simple to wash your hands back and front and inside all the finger webbing, then wash your fingernails by scratching the palms of each hand with soap and rinse. Ahhhh lovely..just as Nurse Florence Nightingale discovered.
Meanwhile, do not panic, just tell people how they ought to behave when they cough and sneeze..like I do :)

Also, if you are going to travel or have travelled and you have the symptoms of a virus already, BEWARE you will get caught out!


Molly said...

Hi Cazzie
Thanks for the good and rational advice.

Stace said...

You remind me of the signs we have up at work... on the back of each toilet door is "How To Wash Your Hands Properly" - which, frankly, I'm surprised people don't know already. Hmm that reminds me, I hope somebody has re-filled our soap-dispenser since last week...

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Unfortunately, simple practical common sense generally seems to be in short supply these days :(

karisma said...

Good advice Caz. Im always sneezing into my shoulder if my hands aren't free. I hate it when people cough and then don't wash their hands, Ick!

Cazzie!!! said...

Molly, it is not easy to be calm in such circumstances at times, I sure understand that :)

Stace, Make sure tey do refill it Stace. I know, such a simple measure to wash the hands goes un heeded by alot of people. Proven by the swab of supermarket trolleys, phones, ATMs, yuk!

Mal, you hit that nail on the head.

Karisma..same here!

Middle Child said...

And as well and cheap is to buy Blackmore's Vit C POWDER... take at least 3,000mgs daily and if flu sympotms are there you can easily double and triple it...all you get is a case of the trots...better than the flu....

During the SARS outbreak, authorities in Hong Kong began using IV Vit C at massive doses in an attempt to turn the epidemic around. The bulk of the patients that were given this recovered. While the death rate in other hospitals continued to climb.

One effective immune boost against all flu’s as well as this new one is to take large doses of Vit C POWDER. Most adults can easily tolerate 3,000 mgs a day which I have done for ages and as well my daughters. But if the flu starts spreading as it seems to be you can take twice three times this amount. The only thing it will do is give you the trots until your body adjusts… and tolerates. Better the trots than that flu if it spreads.

So if you have to be around people, shopping centres, hospitals schools planes, buses etc its cheap enough and it is a known immune booster if taken in decent doses…50mg caps are useless. The oranges we buy from supermarkets are so old and been in storage for so long …they taste good but Vit c almost non existent. If you can get fruit and vege from greengrocers it’s a good way to go anyway.

You have got to get into the powder and measure it with the spoon provided. Blackmores Vit C powder is guaranteed high potency. Nature’s Own is crap and there are a lot of garbage ones out there.

This flu attacks young healthy people as did the Spanish flu in 1918/19 . Millions died but those who did recover as with dad’s father were no longer well and lived with a level of fatigue which never left till his death – this from Aunty Mary.

Anyway…good idea to stock up Vit C powder and take it three times a day, or at least twice.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

1. re Middle Childs comment: liquid vitamin C is a recognised aid for snakebite. It gives the victim time to get to more intense help. I learned this from Bliss Hill blogger who keeps it i her frig ready for the next time her feisty big poodles find a snake.

2. re the public attitude to Swan Flu: Not As Hysterical As The Media.
Last night on packed trams in the city, people sneezing and coughing every which way, with only the old knuckle-tip-to-the nose Restraining System used.
I am backing up this 'don't-care' public response with the reminder that recent real epidemics in QLD of dengue etc, passed with hardly a comment.

Middle Child said...

F G Marshall Stacks - where do you get liquid Vit c from..I am very interested with the amount of snakes i have here...also could be useful to have on hand...