Thursday, January 08, 2009

Electrical Thingies..

Right, I am a bit sick of electrical goods that die on you. I am so glad we did receive a few toasters, a few electric jugs and well...those lasagna dishes...look, I know they aren't electrical but , what the hell...we got them for our wedding 13 yrs ago!

The thing is, nothing lasts more than 12 months.

Today when husband switched on the Xbox 360 it died! It was only bought 12 months ago for the family as a whole to use. The expiry for the warranty runs out January 20th!! OMG!!

An email was sent and apparently we will receive a box to sent it away and will loose the Xbox for a month.

Of course we can live without neighbours may just have had their prayers answered..what with my singing on LIPS programme.

I digress, we have not been indoors much these holidays and the Xbox has not been used non-stop like in some households. It is also never left on if not in use. I make sure of that.

So, what electrical appliance have you bought in the last 12 months? Did it die before warranty or just after warranty ran out? And..who still uses their grandmas old of those ones with the flip down sides... my grandma's probably still works!!


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

That's nutty! Planned obsolescence is such a given thesedays, yet it just shouldn't be. Thankfully it was still under warranty tho.

I had been using my late mum's old microwave until mid-last year, until it finally went pop one night... not bad, considering we first got it and have been using it since the late 1970's!

Andrew said...

Suppose our new computer. It never really worked from when we got it home.

Drunken Chud said...

i'm on my third XBOX right now. but i was smart, when i got it i knew of the Red Ring of Death issue so i bought the extended warranty, and so now all i do is pop off my hard drive, unplug the thing, and walk in to best buy and say, "gimme a new one! now!" "please. thank you." and out i walk in two minutes with a new xbox. but then again, if i had to be without mine for a month i'd strangle someone in my family.

Stace said...

Ridiculous. I don't really buy much in the way of appliances... nothing I've bought in the last twelve months has died, but don't get me started on the stuff already in our apartment... I'll tell you about them:

The dishwasher, for starters... the little bit where you're meant to put the detergent/tablet is broken. We just break up tablets and throw them in with the dishes.

The oven... sometimes it just turns off spontaneously, then will happily turn on again half an hour later. If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if it was OVERHEATING?!

The airconditioner... it's in such a silly place, and doesn't effect most of the house.

That's about it... hopefully ;)

Mom said...

I've been using the same toaster for twenty years. works fine.
we did buy a new TV and a PS3 last year. So far they work fine.

G-Man said...

Cazz...I'm still watching a TV that I got in 1988!
And my Radio's? You don't wanna know....hehehehe

Middle Child said...

Theyre all made in China by child laboe and young women who have no rights at all....

We have to now seek things not boutght in China even Sanitarium nuts say "made from Australian and imported products"

If they can not say where it comes from we should not buy it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, thats good innings for the microwave mate!

Andrew, oh yes, the new computer, I hope it is fixed promptly for you.

Chud, lol, hubby has the same sentiment, and so do my boys, they don't like it much when the xbox is out ofaction.

Stace, don't tell me, the air con is in the dining room right?

Mom, wonderful innings on behalf of the toaster!

Galen, unreal innings for the telly mate...radios, tell me :)

Therese, it isnot heart warming at all is it? I am not sure things will ever be the same.

Melly` said...

Oh... how awful. My new wonderful 22 inch moniter has half of it all wonky too and I have to do the warranty pain in the butt thing...

BUT - I LOVE lips and... well thanks... thats exactly how I will annoy my neighbours tonight!