Monday, December 29, 2008

It was awesome!!

So this is just an example of just one of the many bay window displays at Sam's house, the man who lives a few blocks from our place. This one had all the ice skating figures and Christmas trees and villages, so lovely.
This was Santa..of course! He handed out lollies to the kids and he had his house decorated madly with Bing Cosby singing figures, inflatable snow machines, the lot!
Christmas Day was great. We all woke up early and Santa got me the LIPS singing programme for XBOX 360. I was way way impressed! I just love singing and one of my favourite songs is on the list already, Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel. Hubby and I sang duet to this...full volume! HA!
We stayed 3 nights at my Aunt's place up the bush. There were 30 people at my Aunt's for Christmas lunch. It was a really hot day and so my cousins all had water fights with water pistols. It is just so lucky they got alot of water in their water tanks and dams when we got that deluge of rain 2 weeks ago.
My cousin's new wife got drenched by my Uncle. At first she was really cranky about it, but then she got EVEN! Haha, you ought to have seen my Uncle.
I took the kids to my cousin's bush block for a swim the day after Christmas. They canoed and paddled on a surf board. We got to see lots of wild life...kangaroos, galas, cockatoos, wild geese and ducks...and a tiger snake that decided to have a swim at the same time as us.....of course we evacuated the water promptly.
We drove back to the Big Smoke (the city) yesterday and I worked an afternoon shift in Emergency Dept. It was definitely business as usual for this time of the year.


butterflies said...

Hi Cazzie...great to hear from you as usual:)
Youre so lucky to have a husband to sing with! I envy you Hon.
Your time in the bush sounded great.
My tummy bug left,only to be replaced by sinus and chest infection but after a few good old cipros Im feeling way better and ready to party on new year!

Cazzie!!! said...

Butterflies, I am so glad, you will make it up at the new year :) Rest easy.

Andrew said...

Reminds me of child hood christmases. Especially the heat and the critters and the swimming tiger snake. They do seem to like a dip.

And then for you, the reality check of work!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

There's never anything quite like a bush Xmas. Yay!!!!

G-Man said...

What the Deuce is a Lollie? hahaha
I sure hope you are enjoying your "Summer"..
I know you had a Great Christmas, please have a very Happy New Year!
Thanks Cazz for being such a loyal reader...Galen

Middle Child said...

A real bush christmas with tiger snake thrown in perfect!!!!

Middle Child said...

Also wanted to say you describe such a wonderful time and then just one sentence about going to work in the emergency department. My sister is like this...she will tell you all this wonderful stuff and then say i am off to work - she is in a city Renal Dialysis unit and has been since 1986... But sometimes she will break and we will talk for ages about things that must as does she see things most would not handle well... I know you would be an excellent nurse...Just wanted to give you some praise for what you do that you don't talk much about. I oonly wish the likes of you had been in RNSH ICU when Don was there, but i wouldn't wish RNSH on anyone, nurse or patient.