Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve...

This time of the year is a special time to spend with the kids as they are growing older. I am explaining to them that it is the end of one year, the beginning of the next. Really, if you look at it, it is just another day, another night and another day. But I think it is important to give the kids perspective on the things they have acheived in the year that has gone, and to praise the wonderful things they have done and to encourage them to keep on trying their best, because their best is all that they have to offer. For me as a parent, I always and forever praise the good, acknowledge the not-so-good for what it is worth and try to redirect the not-so-good things.

An example would be when Tom broke his arm. Easily prevented if he had not tried to scale a tall fence to get the football that had been kicked over it....then again, wrapping in cotton wool is not always an option if you want your kids to learn and grow.....and so he learned the hard way...not without me feeling gut wrenched....more to come in the future I am sure!

Nicholas has been an avid Bionicle Constructor, this is a good thing, and yet it has its short falls. for instance, leaving little pieces of Bionicle on the floor can hurt Mum's foot at 2am when she goes to check you are covered with blankets and are not upside down in bed!! Lesson learned, put bionicles away son! LOL

Sarah loves to sing, and so we made a message on the answering machine together. It is from an old song I know, "Hey, how you doin'"? Sorry you can't get through, why don't you leave your name and your number, and I'll get back to you!" Well, I always wanted to do that, and now, I have done it. Just Do it! Oh, and for her not-so-good thing is that she cut her fringe off so short that I cannot do anything to correct it, moral of the story is, Don't try to cut your hair by your own self! (I know it is the opposite of the Just Do it! slogan)

Mia has had a wonderful year of growth, not just in height either. Her ability to see things like a Hawk sees things is unbelievable. Even in the dark..her idea is that her eyes change from blue to green and that gives her the ability to have night vision...riiiight!

Hubby and I have been married 13 years back in September this year. Please do not think I am mad, but I have got to say that I love this person more than anyone ever. We might drive each other insane, even though we spend alot of the time passing each other at the door due to our work commitments, but we have one plan in action, and that is to bring up our kids in a good environment around people with equally good intentions.

With that I want to say that I hope everyone has a very safe New Year 2009. Hugg those that matter to you, tell them they matter to you over the phone if you have to, but just do it. You just never know what life is going to be like in the next second, minute or year!


Mom said...

And happy new year to you too. May God bless you and all those you love.

Middle Child said...

Cazzie...no you are not mad...loving your life's partner even more is wonderful...jud=st wonderful...you are fortunate in that you are obviously with the one for you

Ginnie said...

Happy New Year, Cazzie. Your kids are lucky to have such a caring mother. Hope it will be a good year for you all.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Ur a good mum! HNY to you and your household :)

Keshi said...

I so agree! say, do things now..not tomorrow.



Lucy said...

Happy new year.
You are a tough mother.I hope this is a great year for your familly.

karisma said...


And WOW that was some moving post...all I could come up with was a letter to my dog! Oh well, at least I posted something! LOL!

Love the phone message idea, a friend of mine used to have hers saying...Hi this is the microwave, the fridge is running at the moment and the phone is engaged. Tell me what you want and I'll pass on the message if I like it! If not then call back later....

Hope all your dreams come true for 2009.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, thanks so much.

Therese, I so agree with you and thank you kindly.

Ginnie, I am the mother I never had, and for that my children will hopefully be greatful later on in life :)

Mal, thanks man :)

Keshi, I sure am doing things now :)

Lucy, you are a great mother also, I see it in your pictures and your writing :)

Karisma, we are all laughing at that message!