Monday, December 08, 2008

My cousin's Aussie Bush Wedding...

The setting for last Saturday's wedding of my cousin to his fiancee was at his farm which is about an hour's drive out of Melbourne. This is the rotunda that he made. It has a wood fire inside it. The bride-to-be did a lovely job of decorating it for the ceremony.
The guys arrived on time carried on tray of a massive Wrangler Utility...a very country style wedding :)

The bride, she arrived fashionably late..some 40 minutes late in fact :) The girl to the right of the image is my "little" cousin Nyssa, she absolutely towers over me at age 15!!

The ceremony was lovely, even if it did sprinkle a little rain at times, something that nobody complained about because we really do need the rain here, and my cousin's dam is indicative of that, it is so low in water capacity right now compared to last Christmas time. Mia took this wonderful image of the new Mr and Mrs wedding couple :)
Off to have images taken at Malmsbury Botanic Gardens aback of the Wrangler. My cousin Nyssa looking gorgeous and cheeky to the right of image, my new cousin "the Bride" and my other "little cousin" Callum with the pointing the finger stance...bundy rum in his stubbie holder of course!
My four kiddies, Nicholas, Tomas, Sarah and Mia. Tom's motor bike in the background. I could not get them to sit still here, they absolutely love the bush, and they ran off as soon as the shutter closed on the camera.

Ethan, my cousin's boy, with Tomas and little Finnley at the front.

In our caravan, this was a camping bush wedding, dance til you drop party :) Back left then to the right and to the front are....Nicholas, Sarah, Aidan, Alyssa, Finnley and my Mia. Between my cousin and I we have 9 children.... Tom, Ethan and Bryleigh are missing from this picture.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

FORTY minutes late? If I was the groom I would have been in hysterics! lol

Looks like a great family day. the kids'll remember that one for a loooong time.

Mal :)

dale said...

Country weddings, you can't beat them.

Andrew said...

Cazzie, it is truly scary to see pics of your kiddies when I recall them as being so young.

Mom said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovey wedding day!

Keshi said...

WOW thats such a neat bush wedding! Love the novel.

Missed ya Caz HUGS!


Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, they sure will remember it for a long time, and so will we, it was so fun and relaxing :)

Dale, I so agree, it was amazing )

Andrew, I know, I feel very old, lol.

Mom, it sure was.

Keshi, huggs right back atcha.

Keshi said...

hey Caz Im bak already! :):) just posted a new post with some pics. tnxx for ur encouragement n love!



Stace said...

That looks gorgeous, a lovely wedding. Your kids are getting all big and stuff :) I know what you mean about the rain... everywhere needs the rain :(

Jules said...

What a bloody great looking wedding. Love the idea of party till you drop!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, they sure are getting all big :) Hey, I was showing my friend my blog pics from the wedding and then I went into comments and she recognised you from school feaky is that!

Jules, sure was a bloody great day!!

Middle Child said...

Wow that is great caz...waht a different wishes to the couple and wonderful photos yet again...