Friday, October 03, 2008

Snail Mad!!

Mia loves her snail. No! This one is not hers, yet we found this image of a snail named...John on google! John the snail, lol She named her snail Sammy and I am happy to report that Sammy the snail is still alive and well after 15 days in captivity!

This is "FANG", Mia's pet carnivorous plant. Inspired to purchase one of these plants from the new movie "Journey to the centre of the Earth". Well, these little suckers do not eat people like the ones in the movie try to do, and they are a little-bit-smaller than the ones in the flick also.
We watched it devour a fly last night. The little hairs inside the plant are touched by the fly, triggering an automatic response of the plant to close over the poor creature that enters. The plant will remain closed for a few days while the fly is digested, and will re open, hopefully to devour an unwanted mosquito next time!

Today when I went shopping I did see something that made me say "Oh no, not again!" Yes, that's right, Christmas is around the corner and Safeway Supermarkets will not let us forget this fact as they have already got half an aisle dedicated to Christmas decorations and the like... gah! It has got to be confusing for kids, it is for me!


G-Man said...

I hate that Cazz..
But then again Halloween is the second biggest holiday over here, and thats only 28 days away..
I used to have a Venus Fly Trap, I Loved It!!!
Take care nursie...G

SignGurl said...

I noticed the Christmas stuff up last weekend too. I guess we have to start thinking about gifts already.

Jay said...

We had a Venus Fly Trap when I was a kid. To bad I didn't have a digital video camera back then. That would be some cool video!

captain corky said...

I noticed Christmas stuff at Target the other day and I'm ready! I love Christmas and it never comes soon enough for me. The tree should be up by the end of weekend. ;)

Mom said...

Mia has strange pets.

Cazzie!!! said...

Galen, Halloween, my kids LOVE it! TC mate :)

Signgurl, yes, ebay is my friend when it comes to gifts :)

Jayman, consider it done, I will video the trap in action this weekend :)

Corky, lol, you kidder :) I know, I love Christmas too, but with 4 kids, you know, there's more to do before we get to December.....and, my birthday is 2 weeks to the day before Xmas :)

Mom, Mia is one of a kind :)


Christmas? We haven't even made it to frickin Hallowe'en!!!
When will all of this escalated calendaric madness stop? For gawdsake what is wrong with the idiots in these marketing departments?

I say that we shoot them all into deep space...and without a calendar.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

That plant kinda freaks me out. lol I should buy one tho because I've had a flood of flies in my house this summer.

Cute snail.

Yes, Christmas will be here soon. I cannot wait for snowmen and Christmas songs. But I am also looking forward to trick or treat this month with Halloween.

karisma said...

Yep I noticed all those xmas displays and then thought woah it is getting close once again.

Where did you get that plant. Dinoboy has been after one for years. I have yet been able to find one! Now that would make a great xmas pressie for him as his toys need to go, not multiply!

AspergantuS said...

oh no... I haven't noticed anything in the stores yet, but then I haven't been shopping since it has rolled into October either.

Stace said...

Grrrr @ Christmas. I'm not doing it anymore - no pressies from me, or for me either! I'm doing my best to ignore the whole rigamarole!

Love the snail :) I want to get a turtle... not that they're very similar, except for having a shell... hehe

Keshi said...

wow thats a very colorful snail!!


rosemary said...

And i complained about puppies.....a snail????

Yup, Christmas has arrived....our town is just skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and going right for the wallet.