Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Do Pulleys have the power to lift you off the ground??.....

Why yes...they sure do!!

Engines, pulleys, gears and levers, all at Scienceworks.....

A lovely day outside too...of course, the kids loved it!

Nicholas rock climbing. I was told I had to take a picture...well, no need to ask me twice!

We also went into the Planetarium, which was so awesome. I love looking at the stars at night. On a hot night, after I have put some Mosquito Repellent on my skin..I like to lay there on the trampoline and look up at the night sky. There must be zero, or next to zero, cloud cover too.

Tomas gets the K-Wire removed this coming Monday. Thank the Gummy Mary when it is out he reckons!

Monday is when school Term 4 begins...yayyyy... and also, Daylight savings...clocks forward by an hour and all that jazz. I reckon it is done to confuse the cows on their milking time...yeah, right!

Will be around a little more often when school routine falls back into place...


Stace said...

Aidan keeps wanting to go to Questacon, which isn't too far from here... (heck, this is Canberra, nothing's that far apart when your whole Territory is 70km long)... but it's expensive!!

akhilesh said...

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Andrew said...

Bugger off Akhilesh. So you didn't see the pumping engine operating? I reckon the boys would like it.

Mom said...

I love science museums and planetariums and looking at the night sky. We like the same kind of fun.

poody said...

Planetarium I wish we had one of those

AspergantuS said...

We have MOSH (Museum Of Science and History) that also has a planetarium. I haven't been in years. They used to have Cosmic Concerts where they would put on a show to music, some lasers, some real planetary stuff. Most of the time is was music like Pink Floyd, or Moody Blues. Maybe it's time to make another visit.

Keshi said...

wow lil geniuses in the making!


Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, Sounds like fun, perhaps not for the hip pocket!

Akhilesh, bugger off, as per Andrew's apt response!

Andrew, the pumping station operation is awesome! Funny how guys named Graham keep the old machines up and running as if they were made dad's name was Graham, and he was always into tinkering around with old engines. :)

Mom, awesome, a twin living a World apart :)

Poody, it is very cool :)

Aspergantus, wow, music, that would be awesome to hear it while you gaze up to the rceiling, especially the Floyd!

Keshi, and as I read it, you are very popular..a star in your new post I see, :)

Andrew said...

Graham, a popular name of a certain time.

karisma said...

Looks like a great place to visit! And why is back to school a "Yaay!" time?