Monday, September 22, 2008

School Break..

Yayy for the teachers, they get a break! Poor parents, they don't get one! Haha, oh well, I love the break..sometimes. Other times they drive me mad!!! Only because I have been working mornings.... yeah, I Don't Do Mornings right!
Well, Tom has missed out on the rides at Luna Park , he went to a party there for his mates' 12th birthday. His arm is still in a half plaster with the K-Wire in it. We got to fracture clinic again for more xrays and to check the position of the K-wire then. If all goes well it will be removed in a few weeks and the full plaster put on.
The Royal Melbourne Show is also on and this week is also an impotant week, for some, as it is the lead up to our AFL Grandfinal. The Tigers did not make it this year..perhaps next year? Who knows what is in store in the future?
If you recall, old time readers, I took the herd to the Show last year, it was fabulous. Apart from having to take out a small loan to even pay admittance this year, and 14 dollars a car for parking (I seen the signs when I drove into work yesterday morning), I am not sure if we ought to go this protest. Well, Science Works beckons us I reckon :)


karisma said...

Poor Tom! I hope he gets better soon! Our school holidays don't start till next week! Not that it makes much difference around here! LOL!

Team Gherkin said...

$14 just to park? Ferk that! :(

Andrew said...

The Tigers did not make it this year..perhaps next year?

Most unlikely Cazzie.

Keshi said...

Get well soon Tommy!


Stace said...

A tip re car-parking for the show... when I used to go with my dad, lots of houses in the area had signs up offering parking in their front yard or driveway, for $5 or $10. Take a drive around and check the area out, instead of just going straight for the official carpark :)