Monday, September 15, 2008

Man's best friend has a lovely soul..

Please go visit my dear friend Therese and hug her and send her comforting vibes.... life can be so tough, I just want her to have a break from it all. I tell ya, this woman is an inspiration with the things she has endured these past few years!


Anonymous said...


rosemary said...

been there.....i don't know how she handles all of this and with such grace.

karisma said...

Consider it done! As for promises...checks in the mail!

Jules said...

I know!!

It's amazing that she has the strength of character to get through it all with still such wisdom and kindness to share with us.

Middle Child said...

Oh make me cry. I have had so much more kindness and compassion from you lot, friends all...than from people I come accross in life.

You make me feel so humble. There are people with so much worse, so much worse.

Thank you cazzie you are one of the goodies in life and don't you ever forget it.