Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cotton, Keayes and Morris..

( songs are "Living in a child's dream" and then "Will I?")

I was so wrapped to go to the concert these guys played last Friday night. Dude with the hat is Russel Morris (Of the band Hush), to his left is Jim Keayes(Master and Apprentices) and to his right, the ever age-less Darryl Cotton (of the band Zoot).

"The real thing" one of my favourite songs of all time, so great to hear it live too, such electricity in the audience too. These guys joked and had a great time conversing with the crowd of about 200 to 300 people. It seemed such a personal performance.

The combined achievements of Darryl Cotton, Jim Keays and Russell Morris produced an astonishing 42 charting records, 10 of which are bona fide classics. They represent the cornerstone of 60's and 70's Australian music and cover a wide range of styles from early garage punk, psychedelia, power pop, rock and progressive rock through to modern adult orientated songs and beautiful ballads.
From their early beginnings in Zoot, Masters Apprentices and Hush, they have progressed and survived in the fickle music industry. They are awesome artists!

Classics to follow if you feel like having a mini concert and a bit of a dance :).......

DARRYL in 1980.

Absolutely CLASSIC Masters and Apprentices song "Turn up your radio"(1970) Jim Keayes' band.

Morris singing the classic Wings of an eagle".."absolutely flawless vocals!


Team Gherkin said...

Envy envy envy! Sounds like a great gig! Envy envy envy!
Mal :)

Donnnnn said...

There may be grey hair on their heads but those songs transport them back in time and Voila they're young again...

the brain seems to over-write some of the 'right here right now' programs when our old faves are played.

Maybe that's why we love it so much?

Very cool Cazzie.

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karisma said...

I confess, Im not sure who they are either. Mind you if I listened I would probably go Ahhhhh! At the moment I have no sound on my computer, just switched over to a different one and getting sorted.

Middle Child said...

Ah Caz - I hear is' "The real thing" and I cry - I listen to the song "The girl that i love" and I drink and cry - a lovely time. Me and my bgirlfriend listening to the 45 records she had in her bedroom in our denim short shorts chewing chewing gum with her mum looking at us worridly - The Zoot Ahh the Master's Apprentices - (Sherbert - saw them in the early '70's)

God times yet you are so much younger so you must have good taste.

A Slice of Life said...

How fun! They seem like real charmers as well as great singers. :)

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