Thursday, May 15, 2008

History Lesson...Kingston S.E

I have put the history lesson up a few hours early as I am cery tired from exercising and working really hard to be fit and look great...oh, and feel great too!
So, for your HERE to read about a lovely place we went on our last holliday to South Australia. Make a coffee and enjoy Kingston S.E.


Donn said...

Bloody randy Sailors eh?
I am surprised that they didn't send the entire fleet back to wipe that tribe off of the map!

This is one of the great differences betwixt our sister we all moved inland and there you all still seem to hug the coastline...might I ask if your shoreline Cities are going to disappear like Tuvalu and some of your other neighbours when the Ice Cap melts?

Great storytelling...a lot of history for such a young country.

Eternally Curious said...

Just stopping in for a long overdue visit, Cazzie! Missed you!