Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Day In Ballarat

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Melbourne, Labor Day. So, after I slept a little, I had worked a night shift at work, we caught a country train to Ballarat with the kids. It had been a very hot 37 degrees celsius day, so, being difficult to sleep, it was nice to catch an air conditioned train and just suck in the view for the 70 minute journey. Granted, the scenery was a sad dry and brown one until we got to Ballan and Gordon where there were some lush green fields and half full water damns. The kids were happy to see some fat shiny and healthy looking bulls, and a paddock of calves and some foals with their mummy horses. In one area there was a field of deer.

One we alighted at Ballarat, the station is just lovely. I took some great shots of the station. We then took a history walk through the quiet town. I took more images along Lydiard Street, it is one of the most intact old world real estate I have seen. The lovely old hotels and shops and banks that have the year of construction on top of them in nice engraving or cement work.

The day was still hot and decidedly windy, yet, the wind was cooler than that in Melbourne. Being a public holiday, most of the shops were closed, and well, it was nice to be there out of the rat race in Melbourne.

We took the kids to a shop that had only been opened 6 days previously. The shop is called "The Cold Rock Ice Creamery". It was a lovely little clean ice cream shop. We were served by polite young girls and we got to speak to the brother of the guy that owns the franchise. The kids chose a different ice cream each and then they chose to share little bits with each other to experiment the flavours. Tom got coffee, Nick had a ferrero rochere ice cream, Sarah got what I think was spearmint and choc chip and Mia got a bubblegum with marshmallow..it was blue! Hubby had Rum and Raisin and I got a lovely white sorbet. It went down a treat on such a hot day. The shop has this thing where you choose a flavour, choose a mix and they mash the ice cream together with the mix of lollies on a frozen marble slab..served to you in a cone or a cup. It was great to watch and fun to try.

After this we went for more of a scenic walk around the city centre of Ballarat before making our way back to the station and taking more pictures as we went. It was a great way to spend a day.

This Friday I will share the images I took of Ballarat on the History post :)


Jay said...

Getting ice cream should always be part of a fun day out wandering around town. Especially when it's really warm out.

Andrew Highriser said...

Ballarat is very nice Cazzie. Look forward to the pics come Friday.

LanternLight said...

This Friday I will share the images I took of Ballarat on the History post :)

I always mix Bendigo and Ballarat up. I'm sure the Friday history post will set me straight.

Lucy said...

Someday, I want to go Ballarat.

Lucy said...
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Mom said...

In the states we have Cold Stone Creamery. It is where I take the grandkids when i want to make extra points as a grandmother.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jay, you sure are right mate.

Andew, I am glad you like it, I am excited to show the pics I have.

Lantern, heya matey, how are ya? Well, it'd be easy to mix em up as you say, only becuse they are both Goldrush towns..and well, part of that Goldern Triangle.

Lucy, that would be great!

Mom, I bt it sure does make you the best grandma :) My grandparents use to take me to a shop in Dayelsford as a kid and buy me th the biggest Licorice flavoured ice cream..points scored big time there :)

Middle Child said...

Those ice creams sound divine

toro said...

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