Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lovely weather we are having hey old chappy?

Well, my last post is amazing in contrast to this one. Drizzly and cold one day and well...gorgeous and a bit too hot the next old chum :)
The nights have been coolish and the day today was quite warm. 28 degrees Celsius it got to I believe. The kids played indoors and outdoors alike. When we were outside the sun was definitely biting. Yes, we did slip slop slap :)
Mia, Tom, Sarah and I have a yukky cold and so we have been drinking alot of water and eating lots of fruits with Vitamin C in them.
Tomorrow I plan on going to the Doctor's, after dropping the kids at school, just to get a spot I have been worried about checked out on my leg. No time like the NOW to get it checked out right?
So, after such a lovely weekend I have been quite looking forward to next weekend..a public Holiday long weekend at that..ahhh, I hope the weather is as nice as it has been today...oh, it can rain at night, yet it has got to be sunny in the day :)


farmwifetwo said...

Rub it in why don't you. Been never ending winter - snow or ice - again tomorrow... around here.

Spring is how many days away.. tomorrow would be better :)


Ekta said...

awww...hate feeling sick!
do hope u feel better soon!...and make sure u take some steam...that'll help with cold!

Mom said...

Sorry you've been feeling sickly. That warm Australian sunshine should help you feel better.
Good woman to have the spot checked. Always best to be careful.

Keshi said...

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Syd today. Altho it rained in the last few days..


general_boy said...

Cazzie I love the way you Melburnians call 28°C "hot" LOL. If what we're having today is your weather tomorrow, then you're in for a treat. :)

Hope the snots are better soon!

Stace said...

Awww I'm sorry to hear you're all unwell! Hope you get better soon. I keep feeling all sinusy, I hope I'm not getting ill too. Today has been rather warm, and I've spent all day busy busy busy - packing and cleaning in preparating for moving! What a pain, in this heat! hehe oh well...

M said...

oh my god how hot was it today? Bring on Autumm!

GB - we're right under that ozone hole, our hot is really burning hot (that's my story anyway)!

rosemary said...

more snow in Idaho....I am sure tired of it. Yes, get the spot checked.