Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am still around..

Sorry for the lapse in blogging time between posts, life has been very busy. Today was my day off work and after having put on some washing in the machine I went out and ran some errands. Them I went to the shops to get some much needed food supply for the cupboard. I had a squizz at Forges because they had specials on some clothes I wanted to stock up on for the kids for their impending birthdays..Mia's is March 19th, then Tom's is April 3rd...sooner than later for both of them.
Then I had lunch with a friend at the Local, a very nice steak with some peppered gravy topped with some garlic butter and a side of lovely seasonal vegetables, yumm! We then went back to her place and played Creedence Clearwater Revival..really, really loud!!
It has been a lovely day, despite it being really cold and bitterly windy. Yes, another great day for ducks!!


Andrew said...

Bah Cazzie, it was a lovely day. The air was so fresh and clean and cool. Oh, and I love pepper steaks.

Melly` said...

Sounds just perfect!

butterflies said...

I love Creedence Clearwater! I play it loud too:)
Sounds like you had a lovely day!

Homey Escapeon said...

I see a bad moon a-risin'!

Sounds like a wonderful day...although I might be able to enlighten you on what a really COLD day is...
and it rhymes with duck.

Jay said...

That's sounds like an above average day. Even if it was cold.

Mom said...

"Sqiizz," what is sqizz?
Nice to know you are well and so happily occupied.

coffespaz said...

Sounds like a busy, but delighful day. :-)

rosemary said...

I envy your fun day.....but the melt and break up has started!!!!

Keshi said...

o WB luv! Missed ya.

btw dun miss my Magazine post..check abt 3 posts down from the current one ;-)


Middle Child said...

I was in Melbourne recently, actually left on 28th and yes it was a wet one...I loved the lack of humidity and the coolness my kind of weather... Ali's flat looks out over Albert park and Port Philip Bay and also the Grand Prix...which her fellow loves but which she is over having gone through this event twice already... its very noisy for a fair while before the events and after even... but during ... it is hell... and they get a lot of visitors who want to be out on their balcony.

You sound like you have a wonderful day Cazzie, I hope most days are this good for you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super day off work!! Especially adding some CCR at the end!!

Stace said...

Ahhhhh Creedence. Who doesn't love 'em?? Although I have the opposite feeling towards Forges, having worked for one of their suppliers and dealt with their so-called Accounts department! haha

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I like the cooler days when I can smell a wood fire going, that is truely lovely :)

Melly, ty :)

Butterflies, it sure was.

Homey, LMAO.

Jay, above average day indeed :)

Mom, squizz = "to look at".

Coffeespazz, sure was honey :)

Rosemary, I am so glad the cool weather will soon be passing for you :)

Keshi. very cool indeed :)

MC< yes, it sure winds up in Albert PArk this time of the year. I remember my days of working at The ALfred and having to go to work an entierly different way for the duration of the time..terrible.

FC&F, it sure was.

Stace, I bet you could tell a few stories then hey, lol. I went to an end of line clearance store of theirs. As usual, when I walked in I was greeted by the heater blowers at the entrance almst toppling me over. I could hear my nan saying from Heaven above, "Pheww, it is SO HOT IN HERE!" lol