Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sometimes you have to know someone is looking out for you...

Two days ago I was thinking I would like to go and take the kids to the Twilight sessions at The Royal Melbourne Zoo. They have this thing running during the Summer months where you can take a picnic, listen to some wonderful music and walk around looking at the animals as they are being put to bed for the night by their keepers.
I forgot that last week I entered just ONE sms into a Herald Sun Newspaper competition for this very thing. Yesterday I opened an envelope from the Herald and Weekly Times wondering what was going on. I had not put any advertisement in the newspaper so I was stunned when I opened it and seen these tickets with a complimentary handwritten letter saying I had won. Yayyyy.
"I'm going to the Zoo-oo". (Singing and skipping here!)
I got four passes to go, and I cannot wait..the kids will be thrilled :)

Zoo Twilights


Andrew said...

Should be great fun Cazzie.

Jay said...

That is very cool mate!

The zoo is awesome!

Mom said...

I want to come too! That does sound like fun.

AspergantuS said...

Hey Cazzie ~ Have fun, DO NOT FEED THE BEARS!

Stace said...

That sounds so cool. Can I come? I like monkeys :) hehe

A Slice of Life said...

Yay! That really worked out nicely for you. :D

M said...

how cool is that?!

Keshi said...

WOW thats just awesome Caz!


Stace said...

I'm tagging you! Check my blog for what to do :)

Middle Child said...

Good on you Caz

jillie said...

Here in San Diego, they have a Roar and Snore with the animals at The Wild Animal Park. You get to camp over night in the animal park in tents. I've always wanted to do it and I've heard it's a lot of fun. I am sure your kids will be delighted...can't wait to read the post and see pictures ;o)

Jules said...

How cool!!

It was Waitangi Day here yesterday and we took the kids to Willowbank which is a native and farmyard wildlife park. It was free so there were about a million other people there but the kids had a blast, got free tattoos and did stone carving and just had fun.

You can come too too too
How about you you you?

Steph said...

lucky you! I never win anything! *cries*

Lord Tennisanyone said...

There's a kiddy song that has a melody so catchy, that once heard, it can never EVER be erased from your memory...
so I'll sing it for you..

"We're goin' to the ZOO

How about YOU

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I reckon it will be for sure!

Jay, I know, I heart it so!

Mom, go on, come on, we can have some win and cheese together :)

Aspergantus, lol, I surely will not do that.

Stace, you sure can, I would love it,

A Slice, I know it too, and I am not used to winning anything, I am so stoked :)

M, :)

Keshi, wish you could come too.

Stace, I will be over.

Therese, love the new pic there :)

Jillie, I cannot wait to post them.

Jules, I worked Waitangi day here in the Emergency Department. I worked alongside 5 kiwis who wish we could have dug up the concreter out in the ambulance bay to have ourselves a hungi (? spelling) :)

Steph, you win my heart (smiles) :)

Lord...ahhhgggg!!! I am doomed, lmao.