Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Birthday :)

Yes, you see, I am 36 years old now..and this is what I woke up to..I feel very happy and spoilt :)


eric1313 said...

And you don't look a day over twenty. What's your secret?

Enjoy your day, Cazzie!!! Everyone else will be here soon to wish the same thing, I'm sure.

Take care

Betty said...

Happy Birthday, Cazzie. I'm glad you had a good one. Hope you have many more.

Jay said...

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy,


Menchie said...

Happy birthday Cazzie! That was a really nice surprise to wake up to. :D

Mom said...

Happy Birthday!
I do believe that somebody loves you.

angela marie said...

Spoiled and deserving!!!

Happy Birthday you young pup! :)

Linda said...

Happy birthday for yesterday. What a beautiful pressie to wake up to - I hope you had a great day :)

Keshi said...


WOW wut a beautiful bday treat to our beautiful Caz!

Hv a good one hun!

**does the bday dance for Caz**



gawilli said...

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Buddy! December 10 was a good day to come into this world!


Jules said...

What a fantastic little image - I had a few emotional tears well up just looking at the tealights. And the Coco Chanel - well let's just say I'm a bit green over here gorgeous!!

Happy happy birthday to ya.

surfercam said...

Happy Birthday Caz!
I hope you got heaps of pressies and had a great time with your kids!

rosemary said...

Happy Birthday, Cazzie! Yes, you are happy, spoiled and loved too.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope you had an awesome day. xx

phishez_rule said...

Happy Birthday Chickadee. You must feel so special.

Cazzie!!! said...

Eric, awww, you are too kind.

Betty, thanks so much :)

Jay, now, if you would just vlog that song to me, lol..just kidding.

Menchie, thanks so very much, I am glad you were surprised too!

Mom, I feel it too :)

Angela, why ty maam..and how are you?

Linda, it was so lovely and I feel so blessed!

Keshi, It was such a treat :)

Gawilli, yup, Sagittarians hey :)

Jules, I just hope you are well, and ty for the wishes from across the chanel here :)

Surfercam, I had a great time with friends and family, and that was the very best highlight of the day for sure :)

Rosemary, I feel loved and I love all of these messages too :)

Steph, why ty very much and yes, it was a great day with everyone around me :)

Phishes, ty so much for that..hey girl...I cannot get onto your blog..what is going on? HELP PHISHEZ!! :)

jillie said...

Well Happy Birthday to YOU!! I hope you have the best ever ;o)

Keshi said...

u deserve the best hun!


Stace said...

That's so cool! I'm a couple of days late, I'm sorry, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have you heard the theory that once you hit 30 you start going backwards? That means you're only 24! :)

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, Cazzie! You have a nice family.

general_boy said...

OMG Happy Birthday for the 11th Cazzie!!!!

Sounds like it was a good day, and you made sure there was a good two weeks before Xmas. Well planned! ;)

Middle Child said...

36.... 36... I remember that...seems like yesterday...sometimes. It was a perfect time...mum still alive, kids at school and Don although a Quad, he was a well quad and we had lots of fun.

You know what I like about your blog...you are appreciating and loving your family while they are there and will have no regrets later on. Too many wish their lives away...living in the present with your family is the best gift a mum can give to her kids... and husband. Doesn't matter what anyone else does... happy birthday Cazzie

Queenie said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday, belated (((HUGS))).

homo escapeons said...

AAH! Happy Birthday.
You are such a marvelous human being you deserve to be so blessed.
Mwuah x 36

You're still a spring chicken in my books because I just turned 50 (the new 36) on Dec 6th.

M said...

oh my lord, happy belated birthday! :)