Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School Holiday Time..

There are so many things to do out there these school holidays. Alot of the time is spent here at home, going for walks, doing puzzles, having friends come over for BBQ's and just chilling out. The kids are having a wonderful time already, and I love having them home. Last night I was reading some books with Sarah and Mia, although Sarah read most of the words un aided herself. She self corrected too, a true sign of comprehension in anyone's book. Sure, our kids can sometimes be little rats, but any child is capable of that! Anyone who said their kids were angels 100% of the time has to be kidding.

This coming weekend is Grand Final Day, the game does not involve our beloved footy team the Tigers. So, we are barracking for the Cats...GO CATS!! Somehow though, I have the feeling Port Adelaide will surely win. They have been such a strong team.

Next year my boys, and maybe Sarah, will do Auskick. That's footy for the younguns here Down Under. They already have a few friends who do Auskick, the boys' friends are just their age too which is great. One of them is only 6 days older than Nicholas. They both love their footy, and the Tigers ROARRR!!


Aidan said...

I am a magpies supporter, i will be quiet now....

However i am begrudgingly going to say GO CATS!!! No way we can let the cup go interstate again.

Keshi said...

great happy times ahead then. Enjoy with ur kids Caz!

btw I answered ur qn in my current post Caz. TY!


Eternally Curious said...

There's nothing like having the kids home!

By the way Cazzie - you've been tagged! [Pat deftly dodges the rotten tomato Cazzie throws her way!]

Steph said...

Go the Cats! That's Geelong right?

rosemary said...

I read stories with my grandchildren last week on our visit.....nothing better....we also watched a grandson practice for his high school football team. Fun.

Zhu said...

Just wanted to thank you for visiting !

I've been to Adelaide a few years ago, really nice place. The botanical gardens are just... wow !

Looks like your kids will love reading - that's cool ! When you read them a story and stumble upon a word (eh, you can be tired sometimes !) or miss a sentence, do they correct you ? I used to do that to my parents all the time ! :D

Andrew said...

Suppose there is a feline connection between Geelong and Richmond. Auskick is great, even if they are never interested in playing footy later and their mother may get to meet a hot AFL player.

Anonymous said...

:::aside... nickel's worth.... reading and comprehension are not the same..... ask lots of questions.... taken a while to explain that to the teachers, the SLP's know....::::

Have a great school holiday. The kids have Fri off here and the eldest is going to the sitters to play for the day with his friends. The eldest and I... will be sitting on the toilet :)


Jay said...

I get confused sometimes. Are you talking about soccer football or Australian Rules Football? LOL

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time together, sounds like a great holiday!

qofd said...

Wait a minute. What's footy?

jillie said...

Enjoy your holiday! Kids here are just getting back to school. The beaches are empty and it's my favorite time of year. It's quiet ;o)

Crabby said...

I know someone who said and still says her kid is an angel. He's a train wreck. Full grown adult now with a wife and two kids and he's living with....you guessed it...his mom. LOL!

footy? LOL! Is that Aussie speak for football? Somehow things sound so much cuter the way you say them.

Bibi said...

It's nice that you appreciate them ... and I'm sure they appreciate you too! It's also nice that they're not stuck in front of the TV or computer like so many kids today ...

G-Man said...

You Aussies do love the football..
Have a great day sweetie..xox

Keshi said...

Caz there's an update on my friend...read when u hv time. :)


captain corky said...

I just got back from vacation and I need another one. ;)


A Slice of Life said...

Hey, my kids are angels! Bwaahahahaaahaaa

Have a fun holiday and Happy Anniversary!

Stace said...

Will you be taking your little 'uns to the Melbourne Show? I've noticed the trains are full of Small People lately, and I can only assume that's where they've been.

Cazzie!!! said...

Aidan, haha, Magpies hey..def. go the CATS!

Keshi, Will do, we have great times as a family on the holidays.

EC, I agree, I love having them hime from school. So much to do.

Steph, yep, you're right!

Rosemary, always great to see achievements in our kids isn't it?

Zhu, sometimes I change a sentence around to see if they are switched on or not, or change character's names around....it shows they comprehend what is being read :)

Andrew, haha, at meeting a hotty footy player!!

FW2, have fun Friday then.

Jay, Aussie Rules Football mate.

FC&F, thanks :)

QOFD, football...AFL.

Jillie, yep, and I cannot wait until it is time for us to go to the beach..which will be real soon I guess..for us anyhow.

Crabby, hahaha, very very funny..he still lives with mum..what a joke hey...some people never grow up right?
Yes, footy = football...aussie rules.

Bibi, too right you are :)

G-Man, I do love it..if only our team could work togetheras a team!

Keshi, ty. I will visit shortly.

Capt, I know it...but, we gotta work to save for the next one right?

A Slice, ty for both congrats :)

Stace..tis a sure thing...next post you will see :)

Middle Child said...

I am a footie moron...never have a clue even when its on except the bank tellers are togged up in Manly colours this week...