Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yesterday I was in the audience of 1 vs 100, the Australian series of the game show with host Eddie McGuire. It was interesting to see how they produce shows in show biz. We were well treated with drinks and sweets and biscuits and fruit. They had a comedian there (who was not as funny) as the people up in the mob of 100. They had time to tell some jokes and relax a bit before the taping of the show.

Today there is a kids' party at a cool play centre. I will take my sproutlings there and then go to work for the evening shift. Of course I. will make sure I have paracetamol in my bag, lest the place be pumping with sound!!Being a wet day, I am sure it will be busy

So it is set to be a busy weekend. I will post the history lesson when I get a chance.
Have a safe weekend :)


rosemary said...

We have an American version...don't know who started it first. Have a great weekend...any word from MC?

Anonymous said...

It's still Fri night here.. just shy of 10pm and I'm off to bed.

Long day... field trip... 5 yr olds.. Yawn!!!!

Have a good weekend.


general_boy said...

Nice to see Eddie can still get work. Anyway if it doesn't work out I'm sure there's a spot for him on community TV in TinyTown. They are a bit light on for game shows!

Have a beut weekend. Remember to bring the earplugs... ;)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wow! Around these parts, you would be a celebrity.

The Stormin Mormon said...

Shows like that always frustrate me...

I end up yelling the right answer at the TV for a solid five minutes, and then get pissed at the stupid SOB when they get it wrong.

Steph said...

Is Eddie as big a twat in real life as he seems on the telly?

Lucy said...

I think play goods are very big in Australia. My older son loves them.
Anyway I don't know Eddie McGuire. You enjoyed the event. That was nice. I think mothers enjoy something. Mothers are happy. So family is happy..
Take care!

Alicia said...

I think our version got cancelled...
Now we have a NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT game show that will hopefully only last 3 shows!
Most of the game shows now are L.A.M.E.
I love Bob Barker and THE PRICE IS RIGHT.
He retired, you know...
Sad day at my house.
We love Bob.
A loyal friend and true.

Aidan said...

so glad i dont have a TV, family games shows are on eof the lowest forms of entertainment....

The slide set looks awesome though:)

Cazzie!!! said...

Rosemary, no word from MC, will go over there soon.
I am not sure who began the show first to be honest, but I do know that during ad break they were saying that the Australian version has had 20 sneak peaks at the questions so far which is the only version to have done so World Wide thus far. It was fun :)

S. , lol, yes, field trips do that. On this coming Wednesday I am going to our Open Range Zoo as an excursion with Sarah's class, pictures will ensue.

GB, LOL, it was the show's last shoot for the year, will be viewed in October this year, it is a goodie.

Hillbilly Mom, I am booking my flight NOW then, haha.

Stormin, OMG, are we like..twins or something, ahahaha.
In the audience, you are told not to move your hands, mouth the answer, speak, laugh, cough or whisper to the neighbour....coz some old bat keeps ringing the station saying that the audience member appeared to do sign language, when all they did was move their hands to clasp them, or clap!!

Steph, lol, I dunno if it was the smoke screen in there or what but he seemed genuine and answered all the dumb assed questions people threw at him, on the day of his resignation.

Lucy, I agree, when mum is sad and crappy mood no one is happy :)

Alicia, the price is right mum was on it years ago, what did she win? A whole lotta frozen food, LOL..true!!

Aidan, the slide set is the best part of the place too...they have a three labe slide from the very top of the roof of the warehouse and all the way to the floor!!!

susan said...

How fun! The closest I've been to being in a "studio audience" is at a comedy club....not quite the same thing...

AJ said...

I was in the audience of The Panel once.

We had Raymond J Bartholowmew make us all hold hands and sing to a giant photo of Bert Newton.

Great times x