Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Women and their tools...

Well, by request I thought I would look up some images of women and their tools. Ya'll don't wanna know what it was I found, I am guessing tools can be interpreted all different ways, MEH!!! So there is the first one, Like the t-shirt or not? Me, I like it:)
In contrast I found this one above. The top one being girlie and pink and nice, then this one being, oh-so-macho-chick-kinda-pic....she has certainly got the look dont you think? "Don't mess with me"attitude, sweet or not?

Don't leave home without it...the ever essential pink tools and case to go with it. Take it anywhere, you could take it in your car, on your bike, in your picnic basket or as an accessory for that all important girlie meeting. Wait, but that's not all, you could take it nightclubbing too!!!
Nah, gimme a wood lathe anytime, and I will turn you a nice bit of Tasmanian redgum into a mansion!!!
What are your favourite tools?


Whitesnake said...

Favourite tool....Ya DON'T wanna Know!

Stace said...

The pink toolbox is a little incongruous. A toolbox should be practical, and pink is not a very practical colour. I have a lovely big grey toolbox which is very useful, and I am in the fortunate position of being able to use them myself instead of asking my husband!

Just the other day I ripped my foot open on a nail which had come up out of the floor... first thing I did, before even looking at the wound, was grab my hammer and bash the crap out of that thing! That nail won't be hurting any more feet. :)

Andrew said...

Pink is a good colour for a toolbox. Won't lose it so easily nor stub your toe on it. Note the bright electric extension leads tradies use to stop them slicing through them.

Keshi said...

she is indeed a macho chick :)

**What are your favourite tools?

hmmm wud be the screwdriver and the wrench. Cant live w.o. em cos our household is one w.o. a man...and I do all the bed/table fittings and globe-changing etc hehe.


Aidan said...

Are we including people, i know a heap of "tools"

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I love the new blogger

surfercam said...

I like it!

Jay said...

Dang that macho chick is kinda scary. The pink toolbox is soooooo cute. haha ;-)

general_boy said...

The pnuematic pnibbler! Soooo satisfying as it chews through sheet metal!

Cazzie!!! said...

Whitesnake, yeah I DO!!! Spill it!!! LOL

Stace, I agree, the pink and the chick is all tongue in cheek :) Good for you to be smashing the crap outta the nail lovey!!!

Andrew, yeah, that is oh-so-true, my dad taught me about the extension cord colors long ago..they'd make gr8 skipping ropes too, lol.

Keshi, ur so resourceful girl :)

Aidan, I been having lots of troubles too mate, Grrr.

GB, oh yeah, I love that too!!!

M said...

oh my god, I know this is so girly but I just love that pink tool box with all the tools in it. I'm always getting out hammers and a screwdriver in the art room but I'd enjoy doing that so much more if it was PINK!

The only thing is, they tend to make these things out of plastic, suggesting that girls don't need things that last. Hell, I might want my tools pink but I want them durable pink!

Anonymous said...

If I can't get the "man" to fix it.. unlike my MIL I have no problem calling someone else to do it.

Or I just use his toolbox... if he hasn't left it somewhere on the farm...

dc said...

A year or so ago I went to a couple "ladies tool parties" Sort of like tupperware, only we got together and learned to do STUFF. It was put on by Tomboy Tools. Great fun. learned how to patch a hole in sheetrock, and how to do tile. Got hands on.
My fav tool is my electric nailer. It is a baby one compaired to the ones guys use, it shoots 1in. and 11/2 in brads. Great for small projects. I have a line of my own tools, chop saw,too. But am free to get into hubby's tool pouch when ever I want. (Ohhhh, did I just say that?)

Betty said...

One day, I was golfing with 3 friends when a guy came up and asked with a smirk, "Anybody got a screwdriver, heheh?" We all grabbed our purses, and out came two kinds of screwdrivers, a wrench and a hammer and a jacknife. He stopped laughing.

Rebecca said...

In terms of blokey tools, a nice jack hammer is good. :-P

As for tools, give me a good wooden spoon and a hot pan, and I'm happy. Yeah, I know, not what you had in mind. I would say an Oxy kit is good, but only because I know how to weld.

Reiki 4 Life said...

hmmm, yeah the pink tool set it s bit too girly for me. I happened to Love woodshop in highschool we had to take one semester of wood shop & another of Home Ec...boys & girls. I think that's a great idea. I wish they had taught Auto Mechanics & plumming & other stuff you need later in life, you know? hope all is well cazzie dear.

Cazzie!!! said...

M- yeah, durable is the key, I was just off on another train of thought when I read your comment, nothing is truly built to last these days. Take whitegoods for instance....they have a lifespan of..let's see, the day after their 2 year warranty runs out!!!
My nan's TV set, the good old NAtional TV lasted sooo many years, and I brought TV about 10 years ago and it has had the dick!!!

Farmwifetwo, yeah, I know what you mean. We had an electrician rigged up for our A/C to be connected and he didn't front, if I could do it myself I would, will wait til next Summer.

DC, LOL< you crack me up!!! Yeah, the toold classes are a great idea, they run them at the Bunnings Warehouse here, even for the kids to make things around fathers day and mothers day, a great hands on idea.

Betty, that is a gr8 story. Yesterday, I went into a petrol Station to pay for filling my car tank up and I had a screwdriver in my bag, another lady next to me saw it and she said she had one in hers, spooky hey? LOL

Rebecca, after the marvelous looking cake you made I reckon sticking to the kitchen is a fine idea :)

Meredith, yeah, every person who drives a car oughta know how to change a flat and simple things like that as part of their driver's education.
I am well love, feeling great :)

Keshi said...

resourceful but always in an accident.


The Samstress said...

I got all excited about getting a dremmel AND bits for Chritmas! Does that count?

It seems so strange that you are thinking about A/C. We have a storm coming tonight, and we are expecting 6"-12" of snow! As usual everyone is in a panic on the roads like we were getting a blizzard or something. ~enjoy the heat!

Cynnie said...

I'm not a big lover of the pink..
But you put sparkles on ANY color..I'm all over dat!

Thanks for sliding by my homestead..It was nice to meet you!

Middle Child said...

I use a nail file for everything but never ever file my nails, I just tear them off with my teeth.

My lovely husband is a bit if a tool but I didn't say that.

My glass of wine when I am cooking tea is a tool, because it makes me cook better...or at least think i cook better. ; )