Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cool calm and collected.....

Here's my other half and a big tool...hey, you people, I mean the drill in the hand.... Sheesh, settle okay!!! The hole in the wall is for the Air-conditioner to be installed, hopefully before next Summer, but wait, Summer's last day is tomorrow for us here in Australia.
Tomorrow being the 28th Feb and the next day being the 1st March can be a sad event. I know this because I had a teacher in High School who missed her birthday every other year that was not a leap year. Yes, a leap year baby would be sad, 29th Feb. A Clayton's birthday is what she termed it, "A birthday when you aren't really having a birthday".

A picture of little miss Mia, all sweet, butter don't melt in her mouth now does it? I have forewarned the teachers at school about Mia for next year. They were telling me how lucky I am to have Tom, Nick and Sarah who are kids with such pleasant personalities, always jovial. Then...then, comes Mia, cute as she looks she is a girl on a mission I tell ya. They have been briefed as of now :)

Reading with the little preppies at school was a delight today, they were so excited to be reading alongside me, and I was with them. I look forward to every Tuesday morning this year. Sarah was proud of me too, it made me feel good :)


Melly` said...

Ahh - good on you helping the littlies with their reading. Time well spent!

general_boy said...

what is it about blokes with tools, huh? the very sight of me in a blue tanktop with a chainsaw renders my wife a quivering mess. LOL

Anonymous said...

When you get you A/C I'm going to be envious :) But it's the inlaws house not mine.

I'm not an "in school" Mom.. With my boys I lobby hard for services they are entitled too but for that very reason it's not appropriate for me to be inclass. Once the little one is in school next year I'll see if they need in office or in library help.. but I'll stay out of the classroom.

poody said...

I cannot imagine living without A/C. I have a friend who lives in Melbourne and works nights and has no A/C Now that is brutal to have to sleep in the heat!

Tink said...

Ugh. The pictures won't load on my screen. Blogger is such a tease!

dc said...

I don't get the pictures either today. The last post was OK. Just thought you would want to know. Gee we are just looking forward to spring coming here.
Hey what about women with tools? Huh??? I love power tools!! dc

Aidan said...

Stace is the tool user in our family, i am not sure which end of the hammer to grip... Leap year birthday wouldnt be all bad, imagine being 80 and telling your friends or online comunity that you are actually 20... wouldnt quite feel as old:)

"Mia, cute as she looks she is a girl on a mission"- i await her name in the headlines:)

Whitesnake said...

James Brown.....
Everytime I read your posts

Reiki 4 Life said...

hmmmm, pictures didn't load for me either. But I've seen other postings & she is a cutie. Reading with the kiddos...very well time spent. I love spending time with kids. they are so wise (wiser & more real than lots of adults.) They also have such great energy....it is so strange to hear you talk of the end of summer down under. Spring has just sprung around here. Have a glorious day cazzie!!!!

Stace said...

I have a very similar photo of my New Boss trying to drill a hole in the wall here at work to mount our new whiteboard... sadly there is something un-drillable behind our walls, so the whiteboard is left on a table leaning against the wall instead. We've moved a map so it covers the hole in the wall!

Keshi said...

ur man does own a big tool...didnu say that urself? ;-)

I had a friend bak in school who's bday is on the 29th of Feb...she hated it LOL!

oooo thats an innocent pic of ur baby...all grwon up it seems like.


Rebecca said...

I use to do the in school reading too. Most kids found it easier to do, once they discovered most books they read have a rhythm to them. Get them doing a beat and they will breeze through the words.

Cazzie!!! said...

~Melly, yes it sure is.

General Boy, lol, good for your wife :)

Farmwifetwo, yeah, the library would be a gr8 place to help out.

Poody, I used to only ever work night shift. Nice int he Winter when the days are awful and cold and you get to snuggle up to the doona and snooze...crappy when it is hot and you have no A/C.

Tink, I am not sure why that happened, it is loading ok here, seems to be 50/50 for everyone today. I couldn't load some pics on another couple of sites today, maybe it was blogger?

DC, ok, will try find some chix with tools for ya. I loved me tools in High School, electrical workshop practice, sheetmetal work and my fav, woodwork.

Aidan, yeah, lol headlines..guess I should get a comfy seat for the Principle's pffice hey...a Jason recliner no less hehe.

White Snake, glad of that, you keep visiting ok :)

Meredith, I love Spring, lovely season it is. Time well spent with kids whose brains just cannot wait to be filed with the wonders of reading :)

Stace, lol at the map on the wall, hasn't he ever heard of a stud finder? Oh well, I guess he gets ticks not crosses for trying to DIY installation of that there whiteboard, lol.

Keshi, that's my secret, lol.

Rebecca, that is such a good idea, I used to read a book every night to the kids called, "Ten Juicy Vegetables", it was a rhyming book and I used to sing it in a jazzy way, they soon knew every word and coukld point to those words.

Reiki 4 Life said...

now That is a man, who knows how to handle his Tool.

dc said...

Ok I checked today and the pictures are up. Thanks, what ever you did.
I also took woodworking class a few years ago and made picture frames and a game table for my big project. I love working with wood, will have to post my bird houses I made a few years ago for gifts. Hey that is my idea for a post. Thanks. dc

M said...

heh, heh I've had mother warn me about their youngest just because their eldest children are so pleasant. They are always right on the money too.

Cazzie!!! said...

M, lol, I guess so :)

DC, that'd be awesome to see. I loved the smell of the woodworking room. At High School, the room had straw roof, that was some sort of fire resistant coating on it, the floor was parqcuet (want of spelling), and it smelled devine.
My fav part, well, there are two, was the woodworking lathe, making Greek columns for my table, ornament cupboard and my clock on this...and burning/etching into the wood, very nice smells :)
Then, in sheetmetal work, I LOVED dipping the iron into the flux, "SHhhhh", a massive sound and this smell of flux going up in smoke, yeah, that was fun.

M, yes, it is true. Like ZI said to the assistant teacher the other day, she is a run for ya money, just that she is so independant, and it is a cruel world out there when you are the baby of 4 kids, ya gotta survive in the jungle, LOL.
I told her that with Mia you have got to be firm and look her in the eye. With Nick, if he never listened, we would always reset his buttons by tickling him under the arm. It seemed to work, he would then zone in. He is that scientist type of a kid. Very smart, can tie his shoe laces, yet doesn't know quite where to put themn shoes when he gets home!!!
I will work with the teachers and let them decide the strategy to work with Mia. She has until Jan next year anyhow, so perhaps she will have developed further along the way by then. She sure wants to start school NOW,a nd finish kindergarten NOW , LOL.

The Samstress said...

You have a nice place Cassie! and Mia is a little doll. You have to prove yourself when you are the youngest....

My birthday falls on the 29th and it rocked this year. It seemed like phone calls, birthday cards, and presents just kept coming, and I milked every last bit. Heck at 51, I earned it! Next year is for real though, and I'm having a party and you are all invited. LOL

oncall said...

My Dad's birthday was the 29th of Feb.

Funny how his life was.
He went to WW2 when he was 5.
Got married when he was 6.
When he turned 18 two days later was his 50th wedding anniversary and the next day his eldest grandchild turned 21.
He also got two 21'st birthday party's (one in 1941 and one in 2004) He got written up in the Sydney and local papers on leap year day on his 84th Birthday had a photo of him with a 21st birthday balloon.
Passed away aged 21 and 1/4 (85) RIP