Friday, February 16, 2007

Looky here...

We just bought this lovely hall stand off of ebay for a wonderful $100.00. It suits our house so well and is worth so much more in the shops than what we paid for it. What a steal. Just needs some nice Straw hats to hang off of it and it will be perfect.
Been a very busy week and with the weather heating up again the kids and I are tired and jumpy too. Sarah is going very well at school, the boys are marvellous at their reading and little Mia keeps on practising to write her name because she thinks she will go to school next week...not next year LOL. I keep telling her not to rush it, but, ya know, they know everything at 4 years of age. Well, almost 4, her birthday is in March.
Looks like my other half will be working at the Avalon Air Show in March, we have gone as a family, all be it a growing one in consecutive Air Show Years, since it has begun. Totally love aircraft, I always have, I even wanted to marry an F-16 Tomcat when I was an Air Cadet..well, ya know, someone married a Dolphin somewhere in the World, so why not an aircraft? LOL
Will be sure to blog pics of the Airshow and the cute Airmen and Airwomen (for you bloggarific guys out there of course), when we attend the show.
Have great and safe weekend people :)


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Nice bargain and I am soooo with you on the airshows. How can anyone not like an airshow? I mean, F-14s, F-16s, really... how can you not like that?

Look forward to your photos.

Anonymous said...

Great deal on the furniture!!

Men in airsuit uniforms...yummy!

captain corky said...

I like the piece and enjoyed visiting your blog and reading some of your posts. Thanks for stopping in over at my place. I hope you know that a daily visit is now mandatory! ;)

Aidan said...

AIr cadet.... RAAF BRAT!
Sorry i was a serving member of the RAAF for a period of three years.. 6 months ft the rest part time while studying:)

LOve the furniture, i think am developing a ikea fetish

Mark said...

Nice hallstand.

FC&F: I'll take Cazzie in uniform!

poody said...

I love it! Is that the kind of stuff you like in your house the country chic stuff? if so, let me know because I can send you some stuff you would so love!I have been playing around with "reclaimed" read: salvaged items...trash to treasure sort of stuff.

general_boy said...

The Avalon Airshow is definitely on my "to-do" list someday. About the closest we get is the V8 racing weekend when the FA-18's buzz the city for 2 days.

Steven Novak said...

100 bucks, huh?

Pretty sweet little deal if you ask me.


Cazzie!!! said...

QOD, I agree, love them planes.

FC&F, oh yeah, yummy.

Captain, will do, look 4wars to ya becomin'a dad :)

Aidan, lol, nah, my dad wasn't in the RAAF, but I only joined cadets coz they needed more chix, my brother who is a year older than I am joined and they conned me into getting into it. Then I really did enjoy it and I made some lifelong friends out of it too. Thing is, we all learned NOT to join the RAAF really, due to our work experience camps and all, being a nurse in the RAAF wasn't attractive to me.

Mark, just waait a few months and I will look just fine in uniform...make that a nurses uniform :)

Poody, that'd be great, I do love that stuff.

General Boy, yeah for sure, if ya ever make it down this way let us know and you can come along with us. We are 30min from Avalon, and you can sit with me and the kids and just get lock jaw alongside us and a crick neck too :)

Steve, yeah for sure, bargain :)

Ginnie said...

I like the hall stand. How did you get it to your must have been nearby? Hope you had a happy Valentines day.

Lorna said...

What a beautiful piece of furniture! I realy enjoy your blog and want to thank you for stopping in to see me. I will await those pictures of the hunks, too! LOLOL :-)

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, the Hall stand was from a suburb 50mins drive or so away. We collected it and carted it home in our trusty trailor :)

Lorna, no worries, I shall make sure I get great pictures (winks).

peppypilotgirl said...

You fly?? Me too!! Not since the baby though and not for the military. It's the best thing since sliced bread though, isn't it?

I got to sit in the pilot's seat of an F-16 once; it was beyond cool - it's what finally got me asking about what I had to do to get my license.\

P.S. I haven't forgotten that you asked about my weight routine but I hate the weights and I just haven't gotten there yet; I will, for you, I promise - maybe this weekend!

Mark said...

"Mark, just waait a few months and I will look just fine in uniform...make that a nurses uniform :)"

Whenever you feel ready, there's a pin up post with your name on it at KOTGD!

Can I suggest thigh highs and six inch spike heels with the nurse's uniform?

Second from the right here:


Cazzie!!! said...

Peppypilotgirl, yeah, love to fly, that's me there in my little pic each time I leave a comment. I was taxiing a friend's little home kit aeroplane. A few years later, my friend had an accident in it. He went into swamp land, he survived which is the main thing..but sniffy the plane did not.

Mark...yeahhhh, the nurses where I work ALL dress in such a practical to wear them boots and short dresses to run around the wards and bend over to give injections, LOL.

Keshi said...

Man thats cheap for just 100 bucks! Lovely.

I bought a Tallboy last weekend for the new home - cost me $ was still a good bargain cos it was reduced from $799 :)