Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey there, sorry I can't reply to all your lovely thoughtful comments on last post, but I amjust a tad sore in that darn right eye still.
The CT showed that I have an inflammation of part of the eye and part of the anatomy behind (posterior to ) the eye itself. Termed Uveitis, it can be treated with some anti inflammatories. These are medicines I do not cherish taking because of the associated complications they can cause your body, but, my sight is just not something I am going to bugger around with. Also, my sanity, I am a narky woman when the eye is so sore.
Anyhow, onwards and upwards. I looked over the new place we are moving to yesterday, new carpet and newly painted walls, we move as scheduled on the 24th this month. Half the rooms are packed, minus the clothes we need for the next few weeks. Now I will move onto the linen press and the kitchen today..although it is set to be a scorcher at almost 40 degrees celcius, so we shall see.
Rest is due and we are watching Babe and Zathura on DVD today. Oh, asd I took the kids to Scienceworks after I picked up my CT results, it was awesome, all about space and the NASA space shuttles and the like. The kids got to make a mini space capsule complete with silk parachute. They got to launch some rockets too, way cool :)


Jay said...

Hope the meds work quickly and you get better.

Ginnie said...

Will the meds be temporary? I sure hope so and that you will respond and be back in the swing soon. Thanks for your lovely comment on my latest blog. Hugs, Ginnie

gawilli said...

Eye problems are the worst! Sure hope you are better real soon!

Cazzie!!! said...

TY Jay Man.

Hi Ginny, yes I am hoping so, I hate anti inflamms, they can have such bad side effects for long term use and all.

Willi, you are not joking at all when you say that, you are perfectly correct, I wouldn't wish eye probs on anyone :(

mjd said...

Sorry about the eye. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place. A new place for the new year...that is exciting.

Note it is 20 degrees Fahenheit here in Indiana, USA, which is lower than 0 degrees Celcius.

Melly` said...

I hope your not in pain. I wish I was there ... and great that the kids show such interest!

LanternLight said...

Well that's good news, no tumors or anything :-)

When I had my CT, it confirmed that I had a brain, which proved the doubters wrong :-)

Cazzie!!! said...

MJD, wow, that is cold laydee :)

Melly, it comes and goes, oike a stabbing pain in the eye, just when it waqnts to :(

Lantern, yes, I was reeling off all these medical terminologies to the optomotrist, I think that's why he did the CT too, just to make sure it wasn't a tumor or a sub dural haematoma..yikes..working in neurosurgery makes ya nervous ya know.