Saturday, November 04, 2006

The School Fete...

*The good thing about having a cold is, if you sneeze 3 times before your breakfast, you can expect good luck that day!
I read this on a web site and I can surely say it is just bullshit!!! I have the sorest throat about , feels like I am swallowing razor blades people....I kid you not!! I thought it had surely gone omly to return with vigour. I will ahve to call in sick to work for tomorrow morning. Can't have a sick nurse caring for sick patients now can we?

The kids school fete was great. They had great weather considering it pissed down rain the day before. The girls and I even got kissed by the Sun a burned, kissed.
Tom had to man his class stall which was their own creation of a stress ball..balloons filled with sand, the size that fits in your palm of your hand. There were varying colors and so each of my kids got to pick one each.
Nicholas' stall had fish made out of DVD's and consentinered paper of all different colors. Suspended by fishing line on your window these make for a nice display of light when the Sunlight comes through the window.
Another stall had packs made up with Christmas stockings, a Christmas decoration, pencils, rulers, a lolly and a toy.
The youngest three had a go each at bowling and they won a treat each. Nicholas had a go at throwing darts at balloons, he just skimmed one and it did not burst..he did not get a treat :(
We all had some gelati each, purchased from the Italian teacher...chocolate and lemon it was very nice..actualy, I could do with some now to soothe my throat.
We all had a great time and we came home pooped.
I will post a pic at a later date of Nicholas and Sarah dressed up in cool costumes.
Hope you are all having a good weekend.


mjd said...

I am sorry that you have a cold. I have bit of a cold/sore throat thing myself. The school fete sounds like a fun event for the kids. My husband and I are going to work at a event, Coats for Kids, at our church giving coats away to those in need.

Melly` said...

If you lived near.. I would make you chicken soup and even have a try at gelati........

Once I had a heap of pumpkins and in an effort to use them efficiently I made ice cream from a recipe I found on the internet. It honestly wasnt bad. However... my children and grandson have not forgiven me.. the grandson is very cautious now when anyone offers him icecream. And I have caught the kids hurling the newly growing pumkins over the neighbours fence when they think I am not looking.


gawilli said...

Sure hope you feel better. Tis the season here for colds and flu already. Staying home is a good thing.

The school fete sounds like fun. I would like to see the fish made out of DVD's that Nicholas had. Sounds interesting!

Cazzie!!! said...

MJD, that is a brilliant idea!! I have cold weather clothes that I have put into bags from my kids' cupboards being that we are almost in our Summer time here now. I am going to give them to people I know who have younger kids than mine and they really do need them too. So, yes, it is a great feeling to help others. It is what friends are for :)
Melly, Yummo to chook soup, I said to my hubby I wouldn't have minded some of my nan's chook soup right now :) I reckon I would eat pumpkin ice cream.
Gawilli, I shall get my digi cam up and running and take a pic of the cool fish for you :)

Swampwitch said...

I'm sorry your are sick. You are the third today that I've read who is sick. Sneezing or not, you still have a wonderful way with words...Fun school event. I miss those from my days of teaching. There is a tea called Tradtional Medicinals and one "flavor" is Throat is soothing. Don't know if it helps with the cold, but at least it helps with the razor blade swallowing. Don't make the mistake of buying the flavor "Smooth Move" or you'll have other problems to deal with.

Twisted Cinderella said...

((hugs)) sorry you are sick! that really sucks. I hope you are feeling better soon. Dr. TC recommends Chicken soup, lots of rest, and lemon tea!

Steph said...

Get well soon chickadee.

Cazzie!!! said...

Swampwitch, lol, I like the sound of that tea you sepak of, will check out the nearest health shop me finks..the other tea sounds like a potion I have to prep bowel op patients with, it is called Go-Lytely..I renamed it as laughing matter if you are the drinker of this :(

TC, huggs right back love. I have gotta say, this puts a spanner in the works for my efforts to workoff my extra chubb, but, I am maintaining a good diet and lots of hydration, cheers :)

Steph, thanks hon :)