Monday, November 06, 2006


Check out Steph's blog from today's posting, see how she is such a nice person to pay a skanky lady's fare on a bus ride, ALL OF THREE STOPS MIND YOU, with not even a THANKYOU!! You will get a laugh and a reality check as some people are just like this.
Then you get me, no angel yet, compared to Steph's story perhaps her and I are just alike. I have said this before is someone's comment section. I feel like I got this tattoo on my forehead, "Information desk is HERE!"..."Ask me, I know..". When I went to Sydney last year by my own self (thanks to Mia my 3yo daughter for that line) in November..OMG, it cannot be a year ago...where was I..I yeah, I was walking along minding my own business and I kept getting stopped. Only to have people ask ME directions. I was like, "Well, I am sorry honey, but I am from Mexico..oops, Melbourne, you know, across the boarder there, and I dunno where I am either. But, if you come with me we could both ask the fruit stand man there and I bet he can help you and I will also learn something". So, I did this a few times, not just once, and I got to know the area around St Vincent's Hospital and down towards town.
Turns out, I went for a 3 day stay to Sydney and forgot my mobile charger. I mean, we didn't have to worry about such things not so long ago. So, I went to find a vodaphone outlet and get my battery boosted. They were lovely at the store I found and I got them each a KK Donut for their help.
Oh, and I used my manners!!
Today I am making playdough for me..oops, them to play with. Pink and yellow is order of the day. I haven't had to put soap on Mia's tongue for swearing YET today..and I haven't had to put coins in the swear jar myself yet.

If you are a naturally good natured person, you will undoubtedly attract those who you would prefer not is just the way it is baby!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I also have "Information Booth" tattooed on my fourehead. I also carry a flashing neon sign, just so people who weren't even interested in asking a question, will queue up to ask me one.
When I am on tour interstate, and someone asks me for directions, I give them directions. I be as helpful as I could be, and wish them a good day. After all, they will need to have a good day after they go where ever I send them. I figure I will never see them again, and as shitty as they may get, it makes me feel better.
Don't eat too much play-doh.

PS: Do I have to put money in the swear jar for saying shitty?

Jay said...

For some reason I seem to attract nutters too. Every place I get somebody asking me for directions or about something or whatever. I try to be nice to them even when I can't answer.

Coins in the "SWEAR JAR"? Oh Lord! Mine would be full in a couple of days. LOL

hawkeye23 said...

I have a neon sign that activates above my head on public transport "NUTTERS AND DRUGGIES, SIT NEXT TO ME!!!!!!!". Every time. Guaranteed.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, lol, nope, you don't have to put money in the swear jar, just M&M's :) I reckon them tourists would need a cutlunch to take your directions literally, LOL.

Jay Man, I may put the coinsd from the swear jar towards gifts from Santa this year :)

Oh, Hawkeye, you too??? I get that all the time and not just at work :(

Mark said...

What's a cutlunch?

Can I have a cuntlunch?

Fuck yer swearjar.

Have I been obnoxious enough?


Rebecca said...

Hi Mark,
A cut lunch is a sandwich. For school it is usually someting like vegemite, because it wont go off in the heat.
Now for us to argue which is the best way to cut a lunch. Squares, small triangles, big triangles, no crusts, or my favourite, little soldiers.