Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A few days behind..

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been working my butt off..literally!! Two morning shifts and my legs are just aching.
My third born had her orientation at Primary School two days ago. She is over the moon about it, and so am I. She is sooo ready to begin school after the New Year break! We are practising her ABC's and writing her name and such things. All exciting for my Sarah :)
People in the Street where we live are doing their places up in Christmas festive lights and putting santa and the sleigh complete with Rudolph and his glowing nose on their roof aswell. The kids are excited and they think Christmas is only 4 days away or something like that. I am half way through the gift shopping so far. I begin it on Boxing Day really, the after Christmas sales are great.
Well, today is a day to catch up on the housekeeping..a good day to be indoors as it is 10 degrees celcius and teaming down with rain.


Ginnie said...

I clicked over to your blog and saw that it said "Wed, Nov. l5" and I thought that Blogger had made a mistake...then I realized where you live! Isn't it fun to communicate from so far away? Your ABC poster is cute.

Jay said...

Man, Christmas is coming at us like a freight train. I haven't even started any Christmas shopping or anything.

Keshi said...

hey I knew that u must be busy :)

Christmas ard the corner and kids must be getting all times ahead for ya Caz, enjoy!


Dh@v@! said...

hey gr8
getting all excited!!!
have fun... n take a break...


Sean Carter said...

Hey...Christmas seems to be just round the corner... have loads to finish...!! Shopping galore!! If you are looking out for some cool and out of the box stuff then u can peep into my Holiday Blog.....

Anonymous said...

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Little Princess starts kindergarten next year. I am so not ready for that! She is totally excited about Christmas and keeps asking me how many "sleeps" until Christmas.

mjd said...

It looks like you are getting some spam. They say that this can be eliminated if you activate the word verification. I am wondering...When are your children in school and when are the holidays from school?

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, lol, yes, we are from the Land Down Under :)

Jay, I know it mate..and the thing is, it is my birthday before it is Christmas..guess I better buy some gifts for people for it, I am a giver not a taker :)

Keshi, love the fun of the festive season for sure. Yet, I am reminded on a daily work basis that this is not the same feeling for some people. It is a time of stress and loneliness for homeless and abandoned people. They need our huggs and support if they so choose to accept it.

Dhaval. thanks, and visit me again no worries :)

Why thanks Sean, sad there is spam, nice to see some products there though.

Spam again eh..

TC, OMG, same here, my bboys asked me that this morning and the girls asked me how many sleeps yesterday!!! Will make up a special calendar with them tomorrow me thinks :)

MJD, I will have to organise the word verification for sure me thinks.
School ends for the year Dec 21st this year, begins back on 1st Feb 2007 for the new school year. Our Summer break is over the festive season, yet it is still the hottest weather that comes in Feb and March that is the killer for the kids. Many a time was spent playing the game Dead Fish when I was at Primary School. (Lay still, no moving, if you move you are out!)
Tom will be Grade 4, Nick will be Grade 2 and Sarah will be in Grade Prep. Mia begins Kindergarten at Creche next year :)

Keshi said...

yeah thats right...there r alot of lonely ppl out there and at Christmas time they feel it more. I donate alot of things during this season and I even visit hospices.

TC n huggggz always!

Nabeel said...

te sog and the way it rhymes and the tune helps kids memorize abcs faster