Monday, October 30, 2006

Virtual Me...

There's me on the left now, and there is me on the right..will be me at Christmas time anyhow. Yep, I am a virtual model :) The kids and I went on a very long bike ride tonight. I had a flat tyre, luckily I had the bike pump with me. Then, as we were riding along on our merry way, my front tyre comes off!!! I kid you not. My friend gave me the bike, and we had takent the front tyre off of it the other day and tonight, it came off. She hadn't screwed the bolts up tight enough.

We all laughed it off, yet I was lucky to ecscape without having the need to use the services of the Maxillary-Facial Surgeons at work!! My nose could have come clean off..or worse still, I could be a Michael Jackson look alike!!! OMG!!

The ride was great, the kids did so well too. My girls used to have trouble getting up the steep gutters when we cross each intersection but they went so well that I only had to help Mia once the entire time. She has a bike with a handle on it so all I have to do is grab that and help her up anyhow. She said, "I do it by my own self now mummy!" Yayy!!

We also got to meet some kids from down the road. Which was a bonus since we have been here almost 3 years and haven't met any other kids really. They all plan on coming for rides with us now so that is just ACE!!!

So, my virtual self will look great by Christmas, and my butt and legs will look cool. It is my tummy I want to get rid of. Since my surgery last year it looks like a verandah, a small one, over the porch kinda thing..that is GONE!!! Or going to be at least. So bring on the treddly peddly...I am ready for this now..or at least once I get to the bike shop tomorrow and have them go over the bike for me. Gotta make sure I stay in one piece now :)


Andy B said...

What, you're hoping to be a character from The Sims by Christmas?

Jay said...

Bike riding is a lot of fun. I keep thinking I should get a bike and ride it around instead of burning gas all the time. But, we don't have sidewalks so it's dangerous here in town.

Stewed Hamm said...

Keep working at it Cazzie, and you'll have those new shoes before you know it! (that's the only difference I can tell between the two pictures... but what do I know)

Cazzie!!! said...

Hmmm, what is the Sims? I am oh-so-yesterday here (winks).

Jay, I guess everyday we take a step out our door we are dicing with death. What the hell...Just Do It!! LOL

Thanks Stewie Matey!!! The chick on the right is a bit thinner, I buggered up when I dressed her and forgot to put the same shoes. The swim siut avatar was I will do that one when I hit this mini goal..then it will look good.