Friday, October 06, 2006


I want some licorice NOW!! I have cravings for this sweet.....maybe I will go to the shops and buy some. Then again, I feel like eating some yummy smoked salmon, or some prawns,,MMMM....what is your favourite sweet/treat or food?


Rebecca said...

What was that about turds in the swimming pool?

Favourite treat, well there is sooooo many. DUring Summer, it would have to be the good old Sunnyboy, but a feed of fresh prawns slapped into a fresh bread sandwich is hard to beat. Mmmm, we might have to go shopping tonight I think Cazzie.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yommo, sounds like a plan girl!!!

Big Mama said...

I LOVE shepard's pie with some johnny cake or low country boil with a fresh strawberry-rhubarb pie!!! I am getting SO hungry now.

I love your new profile pic, it's great!

gawilli said...

Love the profile pic also. It speaks volumes without saying a word.

I have a hankering for a Payday candy bar - have not had one in years!

Steph said...

Oh and me mums baked lamb.

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

You got your smoked salmon tonight girly, so stop your carry on, or it is straight to bed with you Miss.

Steven Novak said...

Anything but licorice really. ;)


TC said...

Prince Charming LOVEs Licorice! especially the black ones! I love your profile pic! It is lovely. i crave all kinds of things. usually it is coffee, ice cream and chocolate.

mjd said...

I think that licorce tastes like dead bugs in lighter fluid so you can have all of mine, but red raspberries with cream tastes mighty fine.

Jay said...

There is a guy here in town that has a BBQ tailer that he sets up on empty lots. Along with his pulled pork, he has smoked salmon. I love smoked salmon.

Cazzie!!! said...

Big mama, welcome back again love, that pie sounds devine!

Gawilli, I love that pic too. Such innocence.

Steph, can't beat roast lamb, specialy if it is on a webber.

Rebecca, lovely it was, Sarah thought so too :)

Steven, yes, I know, it is an acquired taste licorice. My fav of all time has to be the salmon, or anything that is antipasto in the delicatessan :)

TC,yummo, coffee ice cream..and some tiramisu :)

mjd, that made me laugh really hard, everyone looks at me at work here right now as I read your comment on the flayva of licorice! Raspberries, devine :)

Jay man, that is the best thing I ever heard of man! I would so love to take my webber places and just cook up a stornm to sell my finest roasts to people. You haven't tasted meat like it ever..or fish that has been smoked :) Thing is, beurocracy would get in the way as there are people that would say you have to have a food handling cert to even give away such delicacies. Hell, even the grannies at bowls have to have a cert to hand out coffee tea and cookies!

Mia said...

Anything but licorice ...... actually I bought a packet of "AEverything but licorice Allsorts" the other day and they were yummy.

But currently I'm into ginger ice cream for a sweet treat, a dribble of maple syrup and a smattering of flaked almonds.

Also a keen fan of roast lamb. Yummy.

Keshi said...

u know wut Caz...I LOATHE licorice :):)