Thursday, October 26, 2006

Early NYE resolution...

Mine is to NOT let people take pics of me until I have lost the weight I am going to loose. Nowadays with digital cameras it is a great thing that we can trash can the pics we don't like..I would only hope people would show me them and then trash them if I asked them to. Yet, I now feel confident that I CAN do it..I am doing it..slowly, bit by bit.
I have the support of keeping tabs on the wonderful progress my friend TC is making. She now has a new home, but you can see the great progress she is making there..well done TC!!
I am going shopping with my mum today, I am going to buy me a dress in a size 14 and hang it on my door as inspiration of what I want to get into by mid Summer. I can do it :)

This is what I plan to eat each day:
Breakfast is cereal with half a cup of milk.
Morning Tea is fruit.
Lunch is a pitta bread with salad and ham/fish/chicken
Arvo Tea is fruit or yoghurt.
Tea Time is Meat/chook/fish with veggies or salad
Desert is low joule jelly with fruit.

I always do drink lots of water so I will continue to do that too.
We are in the process of fixing up my bike so I will be riding that on the road very soon. Right now, the exercise bike is the way to go..and alot of walking.
Anyone got suggestions on fun activities they like to do to exercise?


Keshi said...

hey Caz u have alot of determination and that a great way to go abt this. I wish u all the very best sweetie!

**I am going shopping with my mum today, I am going to buy me a dress in a size 14 and hang it on my door as inspiration of what I want to get into by mid Summer. I can do it

awww so sweet and yeah that will make u do it somehow. Good idea!

**Anyone got suggestions on fun activities they like to do to exercise?

I dance :) I always dance and wud u believe it that really helps lose weight.

Also, I take long walks every now n then. I get off 2 stations before my home station and walk. It's abt a 40min walk and it's really relaxing to walk past suburbs that u miss seeing when ur on the train.

Another fun acitivity is cleaning. :) I know that doesnt sound like alot of fun but with music on and alot of physical acitivity, ur sure to burn a few more calories there.

Enjoy the activities, thats what matters. And good luck sweetie!


Jay said...

You're doing great Cazzie. Keep up the good work! Playing ping pong is actually good excersize and it's fun. As well as an air hockey table. It's not on the level as walking and riding bikes, but it gets the heart rate up.

Darlene said...

Good luck with it.

I can feel your pain.

The whole diet thing gets me down.

I think the important thing is not to think about it too much, and just enjoy life.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Would you like me to remove that pic of you from my blog then?
Good luck with the weight loss, I've got to head down that path myself.

treespotter said...

i love swimming, i never need to lose weight (LOL, i need to put more if anything), but my sis (who does need to) says swim works really well.

btw, i haven't been around for a while, what happens with the bus?

PS: leaving there on the 12th. i hope :)

Comic Mummy said...

Good on ya Caz - what an inspiration! As far as suggestions go, I remember seeing an episode of Oprah where a woman had written a book on "Sexercise" - she'd basically designed an entire work-out program revolving around gettin jiggy eight times a week.

Of course, the hubbies always support that one.

Melly` said...

I recommend lots of sex.

Excepting I am still overweight. So I am a rotten example.

Whatever you do... avoid those drinks to lose weight. They taste like saw dust in milk.

And I notice I like looking at my body far more now I am older and not skinny than I did when I was... 50 kilos and considered attractive?

Righto - I never said I wasnt demented but....

Melly` said...

I forgot something. I think Keshi is adorable.

However.... cleaning is not something to brag about. Any one can clean. It actually takes more energy to mess.

I am a mother of four and grandmother of one. I know this stuff.

Contented said...

How abt Jumping??? :P

You can follow my next part of my Journey as I am back!...:P

MrsCoach2U said...

Try Zumba. It's a latin-inspired dancercize type activity. A few of us here go to an actual class but you can buy the DVD's on the internet. The class time is about 40 minutes but it's over before you know it. I'm having a lot of fun doing it and I find I eat better because I don't want to mess up what I'm dancing for!

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, you are gorgeous, love all your great ideas :)

Jay, thanks for the encouragement, aha, ping pong sounds gr8.

Cazzie!!! said...

Darlene, enjoy life sounds like a good I will.

Rebecca, don't worry about it, they can stay there to give me more determination to loose the weight.

Ace, I love swimming, but I have a problem with my ears last few I have found an ear drop I can use before swimming. So swimming and bike riding is what I will do. We have gotta catch up this time mate!

PMSL! Comic Mummy, you are just the best, of course..that IS what is lacking in my life :)

Melly, too right you are about them shakes..OMG!! Saw dust for sure. I am combining my knowledge of that pyramid with weight watchers to get it all right..and expending more energy too.

No worries Contented, cheers.

Mrs hit the nail right on the head girl...I LOVE DANCING!! CAn you recommend me the names of a coupld of DVD's? Cheers.

gawilli said...

I vote for eating little bits often - they say that is a healthy way to diet, just as your sensible way. Good luck to you!

Middle Child said...

Are you allowed a small glass of wine at the end of the day? I am going to hang a size 16 out and hope... but hapy enough really...for me its for health reasons...

Walking is good...swimming is the best ever...laps. You stay col and it excercises every muscle in your body... being menopausal I amd keen on staying cool.

Our daughter lives in South melbourne she is about 5 yrs yonnger than you... she likes melbourne...compared to Sydney!