Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DO NOT!!!!

Do NOT wear a G-String if you are a guy..even if you have a great body THANKYOUY!! Unlike this DO-NOT guy here...sorry if you are reading this, man in the picture..but..hahaha, BUTT, this is just a no go zone.
Do NOT disconnect my internet connection without even sending me a frigging bill..and Do NOT say that you cannot email me the bill or even a late notice when you are the biggest frigging internet provider around...that's because when the contract is up, you aren't going to be my provider anymore!!!
Do NOT make lie to me and say I look great when I do look like crap...although I am feeling alot better about myself now..THANKS!!!
I am doing three blocks of 10 to 15 minute exercises DAILY as of October 21st, it only took one look at myself in real time to see how shit I look and how my eyes have the biggest bags under them I have ever had. ain't happening anymore. Despite working and running around like a mad bloody taxi driver with four kids.
I am writing in my little fat notebook each day, the things I eat and drink and the exercise I am doing. This is where I will record my weight in a months time aswell.
Life is looking better each day..I even chopped all of my hair off...things WILL CHANGE..but DONOTS probably will not!!!
Anyone got any DONOT things to rave about??


Rebecca said...

DONOT think I am a lesbian just because I ride a motorbike. Are all male bike riders gay?
DONOT assume I play basketball.
DONOT think I 'give out' just because you think I look sexy on the net
DONOT think I will wait for you. My train runs on time, and you are not late, you are just early for the next one.

Keshi said...


DONOT miss me :(


LanternLight said...

Do NOT make lie to me and say I look great when I do look like crap...

Now that all rather depends on how you see beauty ain't it?

you aren't going to be my provider anymore!!!

Internode, if you can afford it.
It just works :-) ( )

DONOT think I am a lesbian

I've only known one lesbian bike rider. Her rego plate was BYKE.
Damn good IT worker too.

mjd said...

Do NOT wear a thong bathing suit if you are male or female. If you want to show your butt, forget the suit. The thong thing just looks weird in the old butt crack.

Do NOT say you are delivering my furniture, installing my carpet, or repairing my roof on a certain day if you are not going to show up or even call. I have taken the day off work to be home for your appointment.

Do NOT run with scissors.

MrsCoach2U said...

DONOT drive in the left lane in the a.m. rush if you are only going 35 mph on your way to coffee with the other farmers. The right lane is for SLOW drivers, get your wrinkley old butt over!

(Can you guess whether I was late for work today or not?)

Jay said...

Thongs should really be outlawed on men. But not on women! LOL

DONOT try to turn left in heavy traffic if you don't have a protection light.

DONOT wear something low cut and a thong to the beach and then get mad that people (guys) are looking at you.

DONOT tell me you'll call me back and then not call.

DONOT stop posting Cazzi!

TC said...

EEEwwww pic!! LOVE the Do Nots!

Do not wear pants that look like they were painted on you. leave a little something to the imagination.

~Deb said...

All you're looking for is a little honesty, huh? :) This was priceless!

Rebecca said...

DONOT play Youth Group in the background over and over while talking on the phone to me. :-P