Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Look, last night I watched the ABC news on TV whilst the kids sat glued to my bedroom TV watching Futurama. I seen a snippet of what goes on in Parliament from yesterday's session and what caught my eyes and ears was when some dude, not sure what section or party he was from, said that our Government is the only one in the World who is scrapping the idea of using renewable energy sources and yet is giving thought to perhaps, in the long run, using nuclear power as the option.
I never speak on political matters. At a young age I had to endure my dad and my pop who would go on for what seemed hours and hours about Liberal and Labor and who is right and who is wrong..never coming to an agreement. So, I stay clear and have my own thoughts.
I do hope, however, that the use of wind and solar energy does become more widespread. Why not use the elements to create power for our towns?
The water situation is worrying me too. The worst drought in 100years..people being carefree about their use of water. I grew up on a farmlett with tank water. I have lived in town since I was 18 now and I still to this day take short showers and turn the tap off whilst I brush my teeth. My dad used to have the pea soup bath at the end of us all haveing our washes (I am one of 4 kids) and that was to conserve water. Thanks dad if you are out there somewhere reading this.
I use my washing water to water the grass out the front and backyards. People commented on the green lawn last year and I said, "You too can have green lawn liek this aswell you know..it ain't that hard mate." It is true!!
I have heaps more to say on the water thing..like the powers that be should have forseen the population boom and created more water reservoirs 10 to 15 years ago...they should stop the building of new estates and get the shit sorted so we can all get through this Summer without so many restrictions.
Going for a trip to CERES just might learn the politicians a thing or two...start the conservation now!!! Use your bloody brains and think of the future NOW.


LanternLight said...

Build more dams!

Recycle ""The Honourable Johnstone William Thwaites""

the powers that be should have forseen the population boom and created more water reservoirs 10 to 15 years ago

They did. They sat on their freckle and did nothing.

gawilli said...

Cazzie - sounds like you NEED to get involved - people NEED to hear what you have to say, it's a very important message. Not only that - you have lived what you speak and that says a lot.

Keshi said...

Great msg! Good work mate.


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
When I purchased my washng machine I went for a front load unit. Why? Well the average water use of a top load machine is 250 litres. A front load machine uses on average 27 litres. Sure it cost me a few hundred dollars more, but I use less water, my clothes last longer, and it uses less energy. Most people will just go fir the option of save a little bit of money in the short term, instead of looking at the long term.

It is the same with irrigation in this country. So much of the water gets wasted because it goes through open channels. They complain that to build pipes instead costs too much money. Well where are their crops now? Sure this is a bad drought, and building a pipeline is not going to fix that, but it is going to mean there is more water around for the future.

Water will become the new oil in the next few decade, where will Australia be then, given we are the second driest continent on the planet? For those who don't know, only Antartica is drier than Oz.


Cazzie!!! said...

Lantern, yes exactly..freckles indeed, LOL!

Willi, true, thing is, I am not sure how many ears would be listening and how many would stay deaf you know. I just know I am teaching my kids to do what I do and conserve and nurture and hope it sticks :)

Thankyou Keshi.

Rebecca, I agree, water the new oil..let's all just live on biodiesel hey. I do get what your saying though..sadly we have to think of it.

Huggies said...

I think it says alot about our current government when they only consider nuclear power as a "Alternative Source" of power.

Andy B said...

My only comment here is the fact that your kids are having the good sense to watch important stuff on TV, while you're watching crap.

Amy Wong <3.