Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I am not sure what y'all think here, but...pardon my butt, it always gets in the way.... I think comedy on the idiot box has gone downhill. Maybe I am getting older and more serious or something, yet I just don't think comedy is the same as it was when I was younger. Growing up with Are You Being Served, On The Buses, The Benny Hill Show, Good Times, Welcome Back Cotter, Dame Edna Everidge, The Paul Hogan Show...then into the 80's on Aussie TV The Comedy Company , Fast Forward and Full Frontal. I do enjoy watching Thank God You're Here that is on at the moment, it is very well done and I just love the unpredictability (such a big word for me this time of the day ) of it all.
Chartbusting 80's..when I remember to watch it, makes me laugh alot too, yayy for Channel 31. I truly feel sorry for Jeff having to sit next to Josie at times, but she is such a pisser..I think she will go a long way out there.
I know I have not named all the great shows that have hit the TV arena, perhaps you can name a few for me. I know I get a great laugh out of re-runs of the old comedy shows....bring them all back I say.


treespotter said...

i'm probably several seasons behind you, but i love raymonds.

and the office was funny (the english one)

Huggies said...

I like the Ronnie Johns Half Hour, Thank God You're Here & anything by Chaser and that is about it these days.

As for the past I really like The Young Ones, Dad's Army & It aint Half Hot Mom..

Comic Mummy said...

I know it wasn't supposed to be funny but "Outback Jack" made me laugh more than I've laughed in a while.

All-time faves: The Young Ones, The Office, Fawlty Towers, Saturday Night Live (first few years) and I know there's more I can't think of. I'll get back to you!

Rebecca said...

Yes Minister. No finer comedy about at all. If you watch it today, the jokes are still current.

gawilli said...

Don't recognize many of these titles, but most of our shows in the sitcom time slots have gone over to reality shows. Saturday Night Live was a good show back in the day - but either I got old or it got stupid. Or both!

Jay said...

Our local PBS stations shows "Are You Being Served" on Sat nights. Right after "Keeping up Appearances"

TV has gone WAY downhill in the last few years.

Steph said...

Channel 31 is the biggest crack up ever.
Especially the shows that are supposed to be serious.
Too funny.

Betty said...

I love Dame Edna, and Waiting for God. I always watch Keeping Up Appearances.

Keshi said...

yep ur absolutely right there Caz! TV comedies suck big time these days. But I enjoy 'Thank God You're Here'...LOL it's a classic!

Have u seen Mind Your Language?


Cazzie!!! said...

Not sure if we are behind or with you there Ace. maybe we can comapare it one day

Huggies, oh for sure, the young ones! I got them on DVD so to show my boys, they love them :)

Yep, thanks Comic Mummy, how could I 4get Faulty Towers!!!

Rebecca, I concur.

Willi, you are too funny girl :) We are perhaps getting older? (winks)

Jay Man, Keeping Up Appearances is way ace!!!

Steph, yeah..I even love Vasilli's Garden, not suposed to be funny but it is!! I also get to see some of my friends on Nurse TV in opening and closing creds...but that ain't a funny show at all..more informative thhan anything.

Betty, you are a girl of my own heart watching them there shows :)

Keshi, oh yeah...Mind Your Language...my mum and dad had us sit there and watch it and I never once complained, they were good fun family moments watching all them comdey shows.

Keshi said...

hehe yep :)