Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Aerial Angels..Outstanding....

Yesterday, Sarah had kinder/creche so that meant I was one kid lighter for the day. We did plan on going to the Adventure Park again as we had gone there last week and had a BBQ. Things changed when the day ended up being the hottest September 19th in 20 years for Melbourne. Currently, it is 29 Degrees Celcius.
So, I took the three kids to Highpoint Shopping Centre. They experienced The Pancake Parlour...I had the Tuna salad of course :) They enjoyed their double stack with honey on side.
Then, they had a few goes at some games at Playtime Family Entertainment Centre. Nothing like shooting some baddies to make ya feel all roused up!!!
We then walked along to centre court to find a girl swinging three stories up inside the dome shaped centre court. Swinging on a trapese. We were mesmerised. The group are known as Aerial Angels, they are superb.
Gorgeous looking people, elegantly dressed and stunning make-up applied. The music they do their Aerial Exhibits to is great too. It could well be described as "Ballet on Air". One of the acts was with the guy and a girl using the Solo Trapeze, it was done to a lovely piece of music, and you could not help but feel you were watching something really intimate between them. They portrayed the background music ambiance outstandingly.
The most outstanding performance was by the woman on the Aerial Silk, she did not have a harness on nor a mattress beneath her. The muscle control and the stamina she showed was second to none. Amazing! The Cloud Swing was great to watch, ther woman got us all going with her act, the song of choice was "I want your love" Transvision Vamp
Scroll to the bottom of the page of the link for Aerial Angels and watch some snippets of their performances. You would not be dissapointed at all.


Anonymous said...


I love this act...

Adam said...

I do love that stuff.

Get yourself on the NICA mailing list... it's the circus school in Prahran and they have amazing end of year shows.

Keshi said...

**I had the Tuna salad of course

I love Tuna salad. :)

**The group are known as Aerial Angels, they are superb.

I think I saw em last year at the Olympic park. They r absolutely AMAZING!


Steph said...

What did the kids think of it?

Huggies said...

Damn that Tuna Salad is making me Hungry.. :)

Jay said...

I was in Vegas once and there was some group like this performing at one of the hotels. I was going to go but got distracted and actually forgot about it. LOL

Another group does shows in Branson Missouri during the winter too I think. They look pretty amazing.

Have you ever seen Cirque? I did see them in Vegas. Really amazing stuff.

Cazzie!!! said...

Sothpaw, awesome :)

Adam, cheers for that, I will take all 4 kids along to the end of year show :)

Keshi, yes, they perform all over the country, so I bet you did see them.

Steph, Mia was gobsmacked (the 3 yr old) and Tom and Nick kept on saying, "OMG!!" So yeah, they licked it alot love.

Huggies, deservedly so, Pancake Parlour make it really nice too. When I found their web addy, I did see that they have a pancake with strawberries on it. I am glad I never realised it there at the time, or I would have ordered it. Due to being on my diet.

willi said...

What a shopping experience!

saby said...
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Cazzie!!! said...

Willi, it sure was.

Saby, I did not know it was our birthday. How old are you then?

saby said...
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saby said...
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Swampwitch said...

Talk about mesmerized, that's what I am when I read these posts with all the links. I just learned how to do that and it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to write my post yesterday. Reading about Melbourne makes me SO want to come back. Seventeen+ hours on a plane is tough but worth it. I'll be back to read the links later today, but thanks for all the info and a lovely picture. Makes me dizzy and my back hurt.

Swampwitch said...

P.S. I'm telling everyone who commented about your avatar that I posed for it...hope it's ok that I took credit for that. :) :)

samuru999 said...

How wonderful n
Loved the links!
Tuna salad... yummy!

Cazzie... thanks for stopping by my blog!
Glad you liked my love poem...
and, yes you may use it!
I hope he likes it!
Big day soon... congrats!
Give all those little ones
a *hug* from me!
I love kids!


Homo Escapeons said...

In Cnada we have the famous Circle du Soleil who sort of incorporate everything from modern dance to rock show lighting and beyond....this is a long way from the turn of the century travelling shows.

I am amazed at people who can even hang upside down! I would pass out with all of that blood rushing to my head.

saz said...

Well clearly I'm deprived here in California since they have NOTHING like the Aerial Angels in my local shopping center! What a treat to come across them.

and thanks for your visit to my blog...

Cazzie!!! said...
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Cazzie!!! said...

Swampwitch, I know I was mesmerised by their wonderful talent too :) I don't mind you saying it was you in the avatar..thanks for asking, it is gr8 to use courtesy where it is due..I guess some people just have none. You know, that is the body I want to achieve, not so much the body I have right now :)

Margie, thanks so much, I will visit your log again no worries :)

Homo Escapeons, I agree with you, oh how far we have come..it is very exciting to watch them. They are very vigilant with their training that is for sure :)

SAz, I know, we are fortunate to see this show and for free!! They go there each school hollidays apparently. NOw we have the Royal Melbourne Show starting up too today, it goes until 1st October. Showcase of all the local produce we have, and of course a carnival and showbags too :)

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