Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"We Vamoose"......

Well, after days of waiting for the cement to dry and the rain to stop falling the bus was moved off of the street and up into the yard. It was a darn cold night too, I have to say. Once Andrew finished driving and positioning her onto the concrete blocks, I darted inside to check on my masterful lasagne that was baking in the oven inside.I had not attempted to make this dish in a long time. But the kids loved it...a job well done.
Today Andrew has been working on the bus, stripping it further more inside. We took all the seats out and recycled the stainless steel that was once the base of each chair. All the money went back into tools and batteries for the bus. Last thing that has been acomplished today was the de greasing of the motor and a few other mechanical jobs that needed doing.
When we have cleaned the inside of her up a bit more, I will post pics of the gutted interior..then I will take pics of us lining her with insular materials and so forth.
It looks like we will be going for a woodgrain-look linoleum as opposed to actual wood....apparently it has longevity.
I got a sewing machine from my mum today and I plan on sewing up a storm soon enough. My baby girl Mia is very interested in it too, looks like I may have to give her some sewing lessons. We may begin with making a cotton material handbag...the design....A CAT!!!!


LanternLight said...

The first photo reminds me of that Stephen King movie, Christine.

Found any rust?

Jay said...

cool cool cool! I really can't wait to see all the changes you guys make to this thing.

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Lantern...spooky flick Christine was..I did not like the guy in it..he freaks me out man!!!
We were expecting a little bit of rust with the age of the bus, and we have found very little. When it is completely gutted we will post pics of it and then pics of the repairs done.
Thanks Jay, we will keep on updating as we go along each stage. Lots of homework being done in regards to the things we will deck the bus out in...sustainability, durability and environmentaly too.

Big Mama said...

Oh, this sounds like such fun!!! That's it I'm hopping on a plane and heading down for a good old fashioned road trip! I can't wait to see the pics. I am also really glad you finally got it up in the back yard. You have been wanting to do that since the beginning. Congrats! (oh and yes that does look like the scene from the movie....)

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie.
So are you going to paint roadkill on the side of the bus? I bet the cat stencil will really get a good work out.

treespotter said...

yes, pictures pictures!

treespotter said...

i need to know what i need to bring

Lucy said...

Wow, the headlight was lighting.
So I understood "the bus on four cemented areas in the yard.".
Do you have a license of large-size bus? My car license can't drive a bus in Japan.

Mark said...

"My car license can't drive a bus in Japan."

Don't feel bad - my car license can't drive jack shit in California. I have to do all the work.

Mark said...

Lucy shopuld check The Spitting Llama's for English lessons:


Rebecca said...

Why are there Bus Gunzels?
So Tram Gunzels have someone to look down at.