Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So there I am, a 16 year old gal having a go at being a pilot..instructions were, "Do not push that lever forwards..or pull that one back..remember..you ARE JUST going to taxi the aircraft..not fly it"...well, I am a stickler for obeying commands..or I WAS..so I had a ball going around in circles with my friends' dad running after me. Great little kit aeroplane my friends' dad put together she was. Fun times they were :)


Steph said...

hahaha! Cazzie the top gun!

Jay said...

I'm not sure I would actually go up in that thing, but it looks really cool.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
You look cool in that plane. Sure it was hard for me to photoshop out the box where you put the 20 cents into to get a ride, but it was worth it. :-P

Hillbilly Mom said...

Are you the famous "Waldo" of the Where's Waldo books? Because you keep turning up in the oddest places. Next thing you know, you'll be a can of Coors Light.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi Steph, here's wishin' I WAS as hot as Kelly McGillis :)
Yeah Jay, it was oh-so-cool..."Smiffy" the aeroplane she was named.
Rebecca, if rides were 20cents I would be oh-so-rich here, as it stands, rides are $2 and they are everywhere you look at shops and even play centres that you have ALREADY payed to get into.
Hey, yeah HBM, "Where's Cazzie!!!" Great name for a blog..or a book :) More where they came from too...oh my..I just fond my debutante pics..:)

Huggies said...

So when do you join the Air Force ?

LanternLight said...

More where they came from too...oh my..I just fond my debutante pics..:)

Well don't be shy :-)

Lucy said...

You are nice.
I will try to scan my pictures too.
Now, I am looking for traveling Melbourne with my parents. I can't find it....

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
That reminds me of a joke:

You are riding along in a carriage, but no matter how much you encourage the Unicorn pulling you along, it just wont pick up the pace to escape from the green flying elephant, and the laughing pig that are chasing you. What time is it when this happens?

It's time to get off the kiddies Merry-Go-Round and go sober up.


Cazzie!!! said...

Mr Huggies, I almost did in fact, at age 16...but that will be a story for another post..another day.
Lantern, I will post those pics some time soon, I am still looking for another pic I promised to post but cannot find right now.
Lucy, great! Come visit us no worries..http://international.visitmelbourne.com/langs/index.cfm?lang=9 There you go, there is our site :)
Awww Rebecca, it is no fun when the ride ends...I want another ride..I want it, I want it!!!

Lucy said...

when I was young, I went to melbourne with my parents. It was 12 years ago. That was very old story...We watched penguins. That was fun.
But someday we want to go melbourne again.

Mark said...

Verry cool! Did you get to fly it eventually???