Saturday, July 15, 2006

Best thoughts needed please....

Nothing I got to say or crap on about has anything of importance here today. Nothing more important than the love and thoughts that this lady needs right now for her son Nicholas. Read her post and send good thoughts abroad to her. I learnt of this plight from one of my daily reads Big Mama, she is a lovely lady and has a heart of gold.

I told the guy at the Tattslotto shop today that if I won the lottery I would buy us our own house, keep on doing up the city bus, and do alot of other things. The guy says, hey , I know where you live, is that bus parked out in the street in front of your house? Yep I said. Ahhh, I live in the same street. Ain't that quaint...I got neighbours I don't even know. Sad but true, life is so busy that people are just not community minded nowadays. Maybe I could make some cookies and go around with a polka dot dress on and my hair in a headband and kids in tow..with the treats and door knock to let people know we are their neighbours. Then again, I may get charged for not having done a food handling course and not having the biscuits in plastic sealed wrappers..just like the oldies at a theatre group were asked to do. So, no dipping your biscuits in your tea at any gathering any more, OK!!! Bureaucracy gone mad indeed.


Jay said...

This same thing happened many years ago here. The schools used to hold "cake walks" and bake sales. But one day some busy body up and called the health dept. to ask if this was legal.

Of course it wasn't. Everything had to be sealed and there had to be permits and all. They had always let it go in the past, but now that a citizen and reported it they had no choice but to enforce the law.

So the cake walks and bake sales dissapeared.

Cazzie!!! said...

Furkin' do gooders hey, :(
I think it fair enough if it was something like suchi, that has to be realy a carefully manufactured and well cooled product to sell..but omg..cakes people, and biscuits, come on!!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
This is Carlso Sanchez from the local council. Given you have made reference to your neighbours in this post, I hope that you filled out and obtained a permit to do so first. If not, you will have to apply for a retrospective permit, pay the additional fee, then wait 6-8 weeks to see if it is approved.
If it is not approved, you must supply all of your neighbours with a letter of intent to delete the blog entry, but before you suppy them with the letter of intent, you must apply to the council for a letter of approval for a letter of intent, regarding the refusal of your application to publish about your neighbours.
Please also remember all paperwork must be filled out in triplicate.
Carlos Sanchez.

PS: I have also included with this post, an application to apply for a permit to reply to this comment. Submission must be made with in 7 days, or an application for late lodgement form must be submitted with all of the other relivant paperwork.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hi Carlos Sanchez, ain't it funny, I just approached a neighbour and said hello and said, "Get your cats away from my place as they are stinkin' my yard and my doors with their stinky piss!" That was before I read your letter there so I reckon that makes it all null and void and..crapolla :)
*Think to myself...go scroll that paper work up and smoke it mate!!! HAHAHA.

Rebecca said...

Dear Miss Cazzie,
I am sorry, but you have used the wrong coloured pen in your reply, so you will have to resubmit it. Also this council does not accept applications with love hearts replacing the superscript dots on the letter "i".
Carlos Sanchez

CP said...

You're a love, Cazzie. Thank you so much for sharing your precious blogspace with my son and I. We are hoping for the best, holding all these thoughts, wishes and prayers close to our hearts.

Take care, hon.


treespotter said...

you should take the picture everyday, like a time lapse picture.

man, i envy you soooo much. i want myown!!!!!!

i just met a new neighbour the other day at the mall. introduced and chat and found out that we share a wall. weird, i know.

Dr Evil said...

Watta loada crap. They (government) should jax up taxes and issue every Aussie with a plastic bubble. It'd be the only safe place to live soon....

Huggies said...

Can please tell who that old bastard who is the Tattslotto man ? Not the dude in the shop but the dude who they use as the logo if you know what I mean.