Friday, June 16, 2006

The Irony Of Things....

Today I commented on a post of Comic Mummy' was about a bad day she was having. I put a mozz on myself I believe, because today..well..this afternoon has been one of those days for me. It started at midday when my hubby calls and says, "Bring the station wagon down to the workshop if the girls aren't sleeping, then I can finish the job of getting the roadworthy done on it". You bring you up to speed a bit...we have sold the Tarago Van we had and bought us a station wagon. We have sold the van to people from New Zealand who fly here to Melbourne in the live. In the process of getting the station wagon changed to my name and to Victorian plates from NSW plates..we also have had to get the Tarago up to speed to get a roadworthy certificate and therefore be able to hand the keys to these people.
Anyhow, my girls were not too badly behaved at the workshop...but bu the time we got the boys from school and waited at the RTA office to get the new plates for my station was mayhem! They were tired and they began to find some energfy from somewhere and they ran around the office. But, the gilr who served me said they weren't as bad as some of the other kids who come in. She said they are giggling and having fun so don't worry. I go to pay the bill with my card and it is declined..WTF!! I had heaps of money on it. So I had to leave and come home and get my credit card and then come back before the office closed.
By this time the kids are nearly killing each other..the boys haver been excited for school hollidays begin today so it didn't help. When I got back to the office after having braved the Friday arvo traffic out there..there were other kids in the office ..and the girl was right, my kids were angels in there! These other kids were monsters, being rude to others and swearing and stuff.
In all of this I got me my new plates..and I can't wait to offload the van tomorrow! Oh and another thing, there are two families coming over from NZ..and my dearest hubby found them a car to buy from a nearby caryard..ain't my hubby sweet? Seems like we may have found a neiche business to help people from abroad find vehicles...mmm dunno..perhaps it was just the timing of it.


Huggies said...

So you got some personalised plates for your wheels ?

I listened to Comic Mummy (and her alter ego who's name escapes me at this time) on the local radio station this afternoon and she sounded in a good mood despite the fact she was late getting on air.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wicked you ask me that question Mr Huggies...I have researched names availablt to me at this time and Cazzie, Cazza and Caz1971 have all been taken. The name I chose in the end is still available and I am planning on purchasing it by my I must keep it secret in case someone steal it from me.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Thanks for the thoughts, but I think it might be your kids which are driving me to an early grave, which is causing this illness.
Nah, it couldn't be that, and you know it. :-)

Comic Mummy said...

Hehe, Huggies, I'm ALWAYS in a good mood on-air, as (late or not) I'm CHILD-FREE... ;-)

Caz - thanks for the plug honey. Yikes, what an afternoon you had. *handing you a cocktail* Go on scull it. You deserve it.