Friday, May 26, 2006

A funny story......

Last night the Matilda's and the Socceroo's kicked butt in the Soccer here in Melbourne..way to go girls and guys!!! You made our nation proud. We sang the national anthem in full voice....all 6 of us here in our lounge room, with the flags a waving and everything. Still, it'd have been more exciting if Greece had scored a goal at least in the Aussie vs Greece match. Great defence we have in our team.
Andrew had a phone interview to conduct last night. Actualy, it was supposed to be at 1:30pm, which is an ideal time because none of the rug rats are home on a Thursday at that time..and as Bert said..and he got THAT right....the kids just know the exact time to stuff it all up when you are on the phone..even if it meant they HAD been great ALL DAY LONG!! So, the girl called and stated that the phone interview time had changed to 5:30pm...OMG, wrong time, I mean, if you don't have kids you may not know it but they turn to gremlins when it is about 5pm....TEA TIME..or feeding time at the Zoo!
This required some or actualy, very little thought on our part. There was nothing more to do than take them out away from the place when the call was going to come on in. I took them to the golden arches restaurant(McDonalds) for dinner. So sad because I had some awesome chicken breast schnitzels to cook for tea, along side some nice veggies aswell. I cooked Andrew his tea and left it there for him to eat. While it was cooking, the kids were saying, "Muuuuum, I'm hungry!" and rubbing their tummies profusely.
So, at 5:15pm I took the lot of them over to Maccas for a play and some high sugar, high starch and high fat food...oh..and the most important thing of all...the toy with the Happy Meal! They were wrapt to be there, as we don't buy them Maccas very often.
I stood in line to order their meals and they filed out to play on the equipment there. No sooner had they gone out than they came back in the store complaining, "Muuuum, there's dog shit or something realy gross out there on the slide!!". I told the store manager. As I was already being served I sat the kids down to eat. To my amazement, the two young girls who were sent out to clean up the mess in the play area were seen to be head scratching and then LOCKING the door.
It seems that Thursday's are the busy day at Maccas. Alot of people get paid Thursdays so I guess that may be the reason. So heaps of kids were coming in, going to the play area whilst their parents lined up to order their "Oh so nutritious food", only to find their kids running back inside to them.
My kids took it upon themselves to be the cops here and said, "There's gross poo out there and you can't play!" By this time other parents were cracking it because they forked out heaps of cash for Maccas and their kids couldn't play. Meanwhile, Andrew calls to say its a safe zone to come home now. I told ther of the situation and she said, "Don't you dare come home without taking this up with the manager. You took the kids there to play and they should compensate you with a voucher or something because they are too slack to clean the play area". "I can't do that", I said. "Grow some balls "he said. PMSL.
So I told one of the mums next to me and we both approached the manager...he promptly ordered one of the girls to go fix the mess. So she did, poor girl. I agree that being paid such a low rate per hour doesn't justify her having to deal with this ..errrr shit! But, maybe they should patrol the play area a bit better and of course....the parents of the kid that did it in the first place outta have a serious attitude adjustment!!
Upon returning home Andrew said he had got an interview out of the phone call so that is such a bonus.


Rebecca said...

Mmmm, no mention of Chicken Kabana?
That's the LAST time I ever come uninvited to your house! :-P

Cazzie!!! said...

PMSL..I am sooo sorry Becc...but if you could see me now you would see a woman sitting at the computer with some chicken kabana in her gob :) I bought some yesterday.
Thanks so much, I enjoyed your visit. :) And the dips, chips chains and whips...wooprs was I s'posed to say that. LOL