Friday, May 19, 2006

DA Vinci Code.the movie

We went to see the DA Vinci Code flick yesterday and I have to say I enjoyed it alot. I read the book last year, in November and I like the code type stories and puzzles to solve. It is the only movie I have seen lately that has no swearing or sex scenes in it..except the word s*it in French....which if you cannot read or understand French then you won't know anyhow..and in which case if you can't read then you wouldn't be reading this blog!
Full of action and marvelous art works..that's my scene...I love art.
I did creative arts and general arts as subjects alongside the ususal English, Maths a and b, Science, Chemistry and Physics to get into nursing. So art is up my alley!! My favourite works are by Victor Gilbert: An Elegant Soiree. I have this very piece of art in my lounge room, I just love it!!
Cheers Cazzie!!!


treespotter said...

it doesn't open here yet, but was tom hanks any good? i think tom hanks is a bit, well, too tom hanks to do the guy to be honest. should've been robert redford.

looking forward to see it here tho i thought the book was a bit predictable, but yeah, kinda fun.

Cazzie!!! said...

yes I concur with you, I was thinking more a 007 or Gere type man ..with some swuarve to him..even my beloved George Clooney! Tom did ok though, as he has the expressive face and all. Yet..I kept on thinking "Stripes!"