Monday, April 10, 2006

Dontcha love primping up your own profile?????

Last evening I worked my preverbial off at work, I just love being a nurse. I kind of put the extra "f" in the word effort when I am in nurse mode. Its true, the cleche saying, "But I have always wanted to be a nurse since...well...since I could ever remember". It was the question always asked in interviews and always the question "What do you have to offer this facility?" Never a doubt that was asked. Yet, the question I gave the best answer to was undoubtedly, "So Carolyn, what will you do if you don't get this position?" My reply..."Well, I have been sending in a resume every fortnight for the past 7 months to this very facility. It is just undoubtedly THE place I want to work because I have some relevant experience to offer, and more than that...I have got such potential for growth and that includes learning what your preceptors have to offer me. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since I can remember, this job here is THE stepping stone I need to progress towards the things I want to accomplish. Along the way, I can offer the facility that employs me my devotion. So...if I don't get this position, you will be receiving more of my resume's, every fortnight until I am hired". Dontcha love primping up your own profile to others, I mean, I am no means up myself at all, but you have to be in interviews and besides..I do believe every word I said. Just that, being an Aussie, no-one is ever patted on the back for beating their own drum, more likely, you are just outcast as a "know it all looser" if youre so confident.
Well, what I said seemed to impress the panel of 5 peoples there, all sitting behind a desk and little old me (21 at the time) in the centre of the room on the interrogation chair,LOL. All thats missing is the spotlight, which would have been handy coz then I wouldnt have been able to see the panel of people before me. Yet, the best idea is to keep eye contact and so I did.
The last question was..."I just have one more question for you...what footy team do you barrack for?" I was like, "What the..?" At the time I was Carlton (Now converted to Tigers since I married the love of my life) and it seemed to be a winner with the guys there, they may just have had bets on what we all barracked for for all I know. Seems to me that I would probably, if I were the intervewer, ask that question first, as an ice breaker..then again, your could just hand the person being interviewed an ice pick to do that job...
Cheers Cazzie!!!


LanternLight said...

It's a generally accepted rule that if you're gotten an interview, you've met the selection criteria and the interviewer is just deciding who to select.

Unless, of course, it's the public service where you'll be selected for interview to make up a gender balance, or make your preferred candidate look better.
"Yes, we interviewed two people, and Debbie was much better."

The last question was..."I just have one more question for you...what footy team do you barrack for?" I was like, "What the..?"

I wouldn't ask the question myself, but I also won't hire a Collingwood supporter on principle.

Sounds like the love of your life has good taste...

Go The Tigers!!!!

LanternLight said...

Yes..the Public Service is a hard one isnt it? I think they drag out the process even before you get to interview stage just so you will give up and then make their job easier to select the few people who have stuck it out.

The public service bends over backwards to appear to be fair.
Hence the long recruitment process, and the appeals process.
You wouldn't want to be waiting for a public service job if you're on the dole.

Big Mama said...

I remember the interview I had with my boss. I love him dearly, but one of the first questions he asked me was "if I were psychotic", LOL!!! I asked him,"Why do I look like it?" to which he replied,"No, but the last secretary I hired was so I was just making sure...Oh, can you type?" "Um, no, but I'll try real hard" After a few more silly back and forths he hired me, no experience, no resume, nothing. I am very loyal because he took a chance on me. I get it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Welcome Big Mama!!
I am so glad for you that your boss took a keeps you sane to have a place to ecscape to..even if it is a work place. Like I say to people when they say, "Oh on Earth do you work and have 4 kids?" My keeps me sane as I can be ME there.
Your boss sounds ace I gotta say!!
Cheers Cazzie!!!