Sunday, January 21, 2007

Moving right along....

It has been very hectic the past few days. I have cleaned out every cupboard in the place except for the kitchen. I have loaded the trailor with alot of stuff that I was not prepared to move with, hence, a Summer clean out has occured. All the boxes are labelled as to the room they are to go to and the cupboards or tall boy dressers they belong to.
I have put a fair bit of stuff on freecycle and it has all gone to needy homes, saving the landfill at the garbage tip.
My eye has begun to play up a bit less now, the doctor did say it would take 6 to 8 weeks, so I am hoping it is less than more times I experience that stabbing pain again, fingers crossed.
Next time I post I will be in the new stay tuned people. I will try to get pics up and running..I still have the NYE pics to download too here and show everyone.
Take care and ciao for now :)


Ginnie said...

The ONE good thing about moving is getting rid of all the extraneous junk...where does it all come from? Don't fret...your closets and drawers will be piled up again in short never fails.

Rebecca said...

Good luck with the moving. I think I will be busy at the zoo or some other place that day. I really don't know where I will be, better ask your kids. Looking after four kids is better than moving house in my book any day.

Keshi said...

Happy moving Caz! ALL THE BEST!

btw Im moving this weekend busy packing right now.


Middle Child said...

Ha...labelled the boxes did organised...we did that...hope you arrange your own do the moving stuff...we'd been in our old house 18 yrs and had a bit of stuff...jetisoned heaps to Vinnies etc...but because of piaon etc needed removalist... hm...funny how they manage to put the boxes maeked KITCHEN underneath the boxes marked BOOKS 2nd bedroom... which I didn't discover till I needed stuff... grrr better luck for you

Melly` said...

Best of luck with the move... and may all your precious things stay intact.