Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fish out of water.

Last night I had a last minute swap from a Ward to the ICU for my night shift. Granted the patients I nursed were what we term "ward ready", awaiting transfer to a Ward and so, essentially they were stable. Not being trained for the ICU I found that I was fretting at first when I entered the ICU for my shift. I do, on the odd occasion, go to the ICU to pick up medications for my patients, or buy a drink for $1 from their fundraising vending machine. I have worked there twice in nine years, to nurse non-tubed patients. My guess is that I ought not have worried so much.
 The staff were very supportive, orientating me to their paper work, the layout of where essential items were kept and the routine of the night shift. Bloods after midnight, ECG for every patient early morning, hourly Vitals and hourly fluid balances. Then hourly blood sugars on my person newly diagnosed with Diabetes Type1.
 The shift went by so fast because I had two patients that were a few cubicles apart, and because I enjoyed myself. When I was about to leave the Nurse in charge thanked me very much for being their savior, haha, it made me blush. It is not often that this happens to me. :)