Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy on the home front, and the farm front...

 A wonderful lecturer from my University days, Ann Woodruff, passed away recently. I did not know a lot about her life story, but I do know she had an amazing influence on us as student Nurses, and, of course,  as graduate nurses. To have endured so much pain, and then to give thousands of students her time and effort is not something to be forgotten. Ann shall be missed.

   We have all been working hard on the farm, of course hubby has been working the hardest of all, and then Tom has been working with hubby too. Taking down old fences and replacing them with goat-proof fencing which is no light task! Driving the metal stakes into the ground with a pole rammer is hard work. Then clipping on the new fence material using pincers. The weather has not been very kind to us all. What is new? The wind is bitterly cold, because the bay is not far from the farm. What little sunshine that came through the snow clad clouds was, however, appreciated.. by humans and dogs and goats alike.
 It is important to get these goats into this new paddock as soon as possible so they have more feed to chew on, and give rest to the paddocks they have been living in. We have seeds to sew once the paddocks that hubby has selected to be graded up are ploughed by Farmer John and his trusty tractor (The man who owns the land we lease at this time).
 The smallest of the new born twins came home with us for one night so that he could be sustained with bottle feeds. I am pleased to report that his mother took him back and let him feed off of her the next day. A 24 hr stint in nappies and being bottle fed and sleeping on a hot water bottle did him the World of good!


Gail said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I see you have no shortage of work on your farm. Neither do we but we are in the middle of a drought which makes it very sad right now.

Cazzie!!! said...

I hope it ends for you soon. We have had our State of late, after many years of drought. MotherNature!

Jayne said...

Awww, gotta love the wee ones :)
You and hubby are doing a shedload of work there - you'll be ready to buy your own farm soon!

Ginnie said...

You have such a fascinating family, Cazzie. I love that your kids (human) interchange with the other kids.
Once again I compare where I am as compared to you...our weather has topped 101 degrees today and you are plagued with bitter cold !!

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