Saturday, May 26, 2012

May has been a HUGE month!

This month has flown past the lot of us in this house. Has it done the same for you? In amongst working, and ferrying the kids to school, Army cadets, Guitar lessons and hubby working at work and on the farm.. Mother's Day, Nicholas turning 13!!! Parties and so forth... who would want life to be dull? Sarah attended her school camp and enjoyed it. We got another two budgies, you just know we need MORE ANIMALS in our lives... and, Beautiful has not had her kids as yet. I am sure goats wait for the crappiest weather to give birth. Well, the crappy weather is here!! Brrr, it is freezing today. Hence the fact I slept so well after my fourth and last night shift. How is your weekend shaping up?


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Hiya from Mal [waves hello]
So... when do you guys find time at actually sleep? heh heh

Ginnie said...

As usual, Cazzie, our weather is just the opposite. You are freezing and we are sweltering in 90 degree, moist days!
Yes, by all means, get some more animals ... you don't have enough to do !!!

Mom said...

Summer has arrived here with blue skies and sunshine. we of to the wedding of two young people i watched grow up. life is good.

Cazzie!!! said...

We bought ten more boer females! Lol