Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012.. Jan, Feb, March..... where did you go?

I tell you people, this year has already sped past me. What about you? Life is such a fast roller coaster, who knows when the ride will end. Then again, who wants it to?
I just realised how tired I was a few minutes ago when I sat down for a break on this, my fourth night shift. The sigh my muscles cried out. Joy!
This year has been particularly frought with much anxiety for us Victorian Nurses. As my friends are aware, Our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was Up late last year and, well, the Government and the Hospitals Association are not playing along and would not negotiate. As you can see from the above image, this was a Minister of our Parliament at one time, he is pictured giving "The Bird" to my friends from my work through the window of a library. This is ongoing saga and we have been waiting for them to come to the negotiating table.
Nurses did rolling work stoppages (4 hour walk outs from work) leaving the wards with Night Duty staffing ratios. This is how the Government would have it, if they get their way, during a day shift. How can a nurse give quality care to acute patients when she/he has 8-10 people during a day shift? Right, you cannot.
This coming Friday we ought to have some resolution. The VHIA and the State Government have agreed to sit at the negotiating table, finally! We will have our Union meeting on Friday and I am hoping they come to us with some plain and simple outcomes to agree on. If not, it will be game on! People will resign. Then who will be giving the bird sign then?
Apart from all of this. My family are all very well. Hubby broke his thumb at work, it got slammed in a door on a railway carriage... well, that does not class him as being sick, just a bit broken lol. No laughing matter, it hurt badly.. I laugh still, I know I am bad.


Andrew said...

The ex minister is a very foolish man. No doubt the next time he is in hospital it will be a private one, but nurses are very interchangeable between public and private. Not that I'm saying he would be treated unprofessionally, but...

Ginnie said...

That's a pretty sleazy looking minister of the Parliament ... regardless of his wearing a fancy suit. I can't imagine a public official stooping so low...shame on him.
Keep up the fight, Cazzie.

Mom said...

Why is it so hard for the government to do what is obviously right?

Middle Child said...

Mom I think its that the biggest divider on this planet is not colour, religion or culture its the huge gap between the ruling class (pollies, bankers, the elite) and the ordinary people. Sadly few politicians on earth really seem to care what we think of them, and care even less that our taxes are used for the public good unless there is a vote in it for them