Monday, January 09, 2012

Party party 2012

It has been such a busy year already 2012. A new years party
. a birthday party 2nd Jan... one on the 6th Jan and one on the 8th Jan. The Summer heat has been unbelievable... today has been a lovely 23degrees celcius... nice respite for us all.
We plan on going to Scienceworks this week as it is school holliday time. Mia cannot wait to get there
Mia was able to bring home the spiny leaf insect for Summer break.. unfortunately it died yesterday and she is shattered. I got her a small box to place it in so she can take it to school in Term 1. There are a few eggs therr from the insect.... they take ages to hatch!
How has your year been so far?


Jayne said...

So looking forward to reading about more from Mia ;)
Cos she's the insect person :)

Mom said...

Sounds like 2012 is starting out as 2011 ended full of family and life.

phishez said...

Oh man. I loce scienceworks. Its on my to-do list for Melb, after the kids have gone back to school methinks.

Middle Child said...

A lovely day today over in Point Cook. Am looking forward to your amazing weather...its "interesting" and haven't raised an sweat yet...its NOT HUMID!!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, I believe we will never hear the end of Mia and her sagas with the insect World. Just now, Mia has spoken to me about a few "pet spiders" she has outside the house.. "in their own habitat". lol

Mom, It sure has! We have been to three big big parties too.. and I love watching my family interact with so many people from so many cultures too. :)

Phishez, Me too.. and, if you come to Scienceworks on a school day, I would love to meet up there with you, and we could have coffee and stuff :)

Therese, I am so pleased you are settling in at Pt Cook. They have made a nice little township out of the farms I used to horse ride and rabbit on :) I know quite a few people who love there and they just love the quietness of their area too. We have to do coffee when you would like to :)

Ginnie said...

I have to tell you that my year so far has been very cold ... just the opposite of yours, but we know that don't we?
I'm hoping that 2012 will be a good year for all of us.

Middle Child said...

Its funny when you know a place from childhood - when I go back to Scone/Aberdeen NSW where I grew up I am still surprised not to see our lovely old house and the yard and the meat-works that employed 300 is all gone after over 100 years - In my mind I can still see so clearly how it was.

Will meet up one day soon- I am slowly learning my way around and with the GPS will be getting around soon enough - am never ever moving again - surrounded by skyscrapers of boxes from 40 years of collecting - hmmm

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