Monday, August 22, 2011

Recovery is going well, my friends and family have been wonderful support and the children have been pampering me. Hubby has been working and going to the farm and doing some things around the place too. Today was a lovely 20degree celcius day and I sat out in the Sun and chatted with friends. I am sore some of the time and so I have been taking some paracetamol/codeine based medications, hence I am eating some licorice and some fresh cut up pears :)
Hope everyone is well and thanks for the well wishes in my lat post, it means a lot to me :)


Mom said...

Glad your recovery is going well. Take your pills and relax till you are well.

Ginnie said...

Doesn't it feel strange to be "on the other side of the bed"? I hope your care givers are as loving as I know you are with your patients.
Get well soon !

Middle Child said...

Nothing better for your recovery than good friends and a healthy dose of Vit D