Saturday, July 30, 2011

We received our High School son's mid term report card this week gone. It is with exceptional pride I can say he is doing very well. The Physical Education teacher and Woodwork teacher could not have given him more praise, and Distinctions in those subjects blew me out of the water :) Mathematics and English are the subjects that he needs to pass, and pass well, to join the Australian Army. He is doing very well there too. His effort has paid off. Have to keep him focused and I think that because he joined the Army Cadet Unit, his results have kept on improving.
I know that secondary to my being in the Australian Air Force Cadets as a teen, I am very good at time management, and have always had a focus in mind and stuck with it. If teens could become a part of some sort of community, it does not have to be military based, it could be a football club, netball club, kite flying club, whatever the case, I believe it would give them purpose and hopefully steer them towards something for the future.
Nick went very well at his lesson today. He is just so happy playing the guitar. Sarah has a little posse of friends from school who come around and they go off together to play at the park or at each other's places. Reminding me of myself as a kid with lots of friends that I rode my horse along side, or went roller skating on the largest of the cemented drive ways in our Estate :)
Mia has come up trumps with her reading. I tried not to cry on Thursday morning when she read a mini chapter book to me from her home reading folder. There were some difficult words in there and I let her toil over them and problem solve and self correct and praised her for getting it right.
I am becoming a bit depressed with the Winter months, and I cannot get out of that feeling. It is not easy to describe it. I know that if I go outside and look at something lovely like a flower ( in short supply since it is Winter) I could concentrate on that and appreciate it for what it is, and try and see something beautiful and bright in it... get back to nature... even sit and meditate or something like that, but I cannot focus on that at the moment. I have never wanted Spring to come sooner than I do now. Too many "I's" in this paragraph people... I (there I go again) do not want to speak about myself here....
When Spring arrives the plan is to open up the bedrooms, open up the blinds, clean the windows... clean out the cupboards... take clothes and shoes and whatever do not get used to the charity bins.. and to get the carpets cleaned. Excited about that!


Mom said...

I love to hear about your kids. They are doing well because they have a great mom.
It is hot summer here and I am looking forward to cooler temperatures. When the cold and snow of winter come i suffer from the "Januaries". I think winter is always a hard time.

Stace said...

It's so great that your kids are doing well! :) And of course I know from experience that they're a clever bunch and ever so polite! They're great. :)

I know what you mean about hanging out for Spring... I'm finding that the world is stacking up reasons for me NOT to leave the house right now - and one of those reasons is the cold!! Can't wait to go for evening walks again, but by the time that happens I'll be pushing the tandem stroller. lol

Ginnie said...

It seems so strange to read about your dreary winter day ... since I am sweltering with a late day temp at 100 degrees!
Is the Australian Army a requirement or is it voluntary? I note, from your inclusion in it as a teen, that it's for males and females.

Middle Child said...

Its getting a bit bone achingly cld - but hear me whinge in mid february about the heat