Monday, June 13, 2011

So, Bella the lady goat had her twin kids a few days back... but she left them in the cold (8degree celcius) all day and when we arrived home from work/school/play they were near death. We tried with all our might to heat them up.. they did warm up but they did not live. Such a sad occasion. Meanwhile, Bebe the baby kid born 1st June is going great guns. She leaps around the yard and sooks out for her Momma when she is not within 2 foot of her.. resembling human kids in that fashion!

I tried to sit and speak with Bebe's Momma Charlotte... and tell her that kids (human and non human) will never let you have peace, they will bother you when you have just sat down to drink your coffee, or dare you sit on the throne and try and have peace there. I also told her that even the best hiding spots are no mean feat when it comes to kids finding the one being that gave birth to them. Must be our scent. Then again, I do not stink like Charlotte.. I do not think.. haha.

Do not stress my friends, this is 0440hrs in the morning, and my coffee break on my night shift in the ER. This kind of talk will be followed by my singing the last song I heard on the radio prior to turning off the zippy Mazda 2 Ghenki's engine. "Raise your glass"~Pink. Well, perhaps an ill chosen song to sing since I am nursing quite a few bears with sore heads because of the booze... adiose amigos!


Middle Child said...

How do you do that shift - they used to call it "Dog Watch" in factories etc - thats when we had factories. Sorry about the little kids (Goats) maybe if they were born in Spring it may have helped - don't know about goats - know a bot about sheep and sadly the Ewes will have lambs in the deepest winter when there are black frosts - and many don't survive - a sad less on for children to see but all part of life

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your baby goats. Last summer, our goat had twins, and one of them died. My husband thinks that it couldn't nurse because Nellie got her head stuck in the fence, and the kid laid where she had left it. The other one was fine.

The good news is, a few weeks ago, Nellie had triplets! Of course, it's summer here, and they are thriving. Here are a couple of blurry pictures of them:

karisma said...

:-( So sorry the babies did not make it, I know you did your very best to help them. (((HUGS)))

Andrew said...

Maybe her first kids and her lack of experience showed. Still, Bebe sounds quite enough to handle.

Stace said...

I'm sorry the little kids didn't survive :( Maybe the silly mummy goat will be a better parent next time!

Cazzie!!! said...

Therese, the kids were very sad but learnt one of life and death's lessons I guess, we are hopeful that maggie can give birth and successfuly feed her kids.

HBM, My kids (human ones) loved looking at those pictures! CUUUTEE! We have 20 girl goats, one male Billie and one baby Bebe so far :)

Karisma, thanks for the hugs xoxo

Andrew, Bebe sure is enough to handle, she is so cute!

Ginnie said...

I didn't know that you worked in the ER too. I spent 23 years there and it's never easy.
So sorry about the kids ... isn't that a strange time (winter) for them to be born?

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, I am a bank nurse which means I work in every area that needs my qualifications.. and mostly I work the night shift in ER. I love it there because it is such a fast pace and you learn from the other wonderful knowledgeable staff on duty.
I am not sure about goat breeding seasons and the like, but most of the girl goats we bought are pregnant and dropping the babies during the Winter. I believe they will have another lot during the warmer months too. Hillbilly Mom would know more