Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, today i DID work a morning shift, lol. Can you believe it? I was giving people the thoughts that they were in a dream today. My fellow nursing friends, the staff that attend to the meals trolleys, the orderlies (we call them clinical assistants now), the desk clerks, the cafeteria staff and my old mate Eddie who consistently attends the hospital on account of us saving his life!
It was a smooth morning until someone suffered a seizure... and then repeated it again just as I was about to leave work to head for home. Poor person, it has got to be an awful feeling to have a seizure, and know it is about to happen and no control over it what so ever.
I called the Hospice today and spoke to my Aunt. Pa is sleeping more than he is awake now. Time to begin to long ever lasting peaceful sleep soon. Poor Pa.
I got home to one child sitting on the fire hydrant and then, jumping up and down so happy to see me drive into the court. The others were at friend's houses playing games. It was a lovely homecoming after an amazing day.
On the way home from work, after battling the traffic to get home, I called in and purchased some more scrubs for work. Nice colours too, I will be bright as a button next time I work. I also called in and got myself Ouzo and Cola drinks for tonight. Not my usual practice, but now I feeel goood!


Andrew said...

Ouzo and coke. Memories. Must have been a shock to the system getting up so early. Relax now.

Jayne said...

Hmmmm, ouzo.....nice!

karisma said...

Just popping by to give you some (((HUGS))). xox

Mom said...

I love your upbeat attitude toward life.

FoxyMoron said...

So sorry about Pa, hope the coming weeks are peaceful for him.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, the UDLs went down a treat :) I was so happy to be home, relaxing on the couch and hugging my kids. "There's no place like home" (insert Dorothy voice there hehe)

Jayne, must share one one day!

Karisma, feeling the love ty xoxo

Mom, I love that you come visit me here xoxo

Foxy, thankyou so very very much, it means alot to me that people I feel I know but have not even met in the flesh are so caring and considerate xoxo